10 amazing Pokémon Facts

I just can’t help posting these kind of posts, me being a fact-sponge and all, but here you have a link to 10 amazing Pokémon facts!

Even though I’m a Pokémaniac these still managed to blow my mind, at least most of them were unknown to me.


Here ya go: 10 Amazing Pokémon Facts


And here’s an Aerodactyl in prehistoric times, from when it originally reigned over the skies.

Miniature Pokéball from: http://cdn.wikimg.net/strategywiki/images/thumb/4/4c/Pokeball.png/40px-Pokeball.png

Aerodactyl from: http://media.photobucket.com/image/awesome+pokemon+/kipsox/awesome%20pokemon/1262730193985.jpg

2 thoughts on “10 amazing Pokémon Facts

    • Spinda makes me naseous as well. I don’t know if it’s the design that makes it look dizzy all the time or if it’s the random nauseating spot position on its fur coat, but something tickles my vomit bone when I look at it.


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