Game Hunting: Games Reloaded

Lately I’ve been on a Games Hunt again. It just hit me, that game craving feeling, as if I had some addiction to it.

First I went to a flea market specialized on “interesting” things, like bric-a-brac, where I found an assortment of Gamecube games in good condition for 6 dollars each. There was a Gamecube system with 2 controllers for 25 dollars as well, but since I already own that system I didn’t buy it. I finally settled for a Players Choice Metroid Prime for 6 dollars. The rest were sports games and shooters.

Like this… only with VIDEO GAMES.


Then I ordered some stuff in a set on Ebay. It was a black Gameboy Advance (the original) with Sonic Advance 2 and Shrek Swamp Racing. The former reminds a lot of the original games and was fun to play but the second is a poor excuse for a Mario Kart: Super Circuit clone. The framerate is low, controls bad and everything sounds awful. I’ll give you a review on that one as I’ve played it some more. Maybe it’ll surprise me and maybe I’ll even rate it higher than the game it’s trying to copy. I mean, the characters even move in the same way on the racer selection screen. Who knows!

Not exactly the best Mario Kart “clone” there is…

Anyhow, I also got a carrying case for the lot, which wasn’t the case I expected, but it was alright. It tried to look like a GBA and was kind of cool in its own way.

Then I also went to the same flea market again to look through the Gamecube stuff and I decided to buy James Bond: Everything or nothing. And as the title suggests that’s what happened: it contained “everything” (a Rocky disk) but still “nothing” (not the game I wanted). I informed the cashier about their mix-up and was just about to walk away empty handed when I saw that they sold 6 DVD movies for 12 bucks. I got Die Hard/Die Hard 2, Mr and Mrs Smith, Taxi, 50 first dates, Interview with a Vampire and The Simpsons Movie. Great deal!

And that’s pretty much it for now. I’ve got the last boss Sturm to defeat in the last level of Advance Wars. Yes, I did get my ass handed to me a lot of times and yes, the challenge has become immense since the first mission but I still really have enjoyed the game so far!

I also realized that this guy…

Reminds me of that guy.

Plus a little bit of nasty fascism somewhere in the mix.

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