The Hobbit, or There and Back Again


I can’t wait for December 14th!

In 2010 I was in New Zealand in a road trip which lead me to the location where they filmed The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

I saw when they were building up Bags End to look exactly as it did in those movies, but this time they were in the pre-production phase of The Hobbit movie. Because of this I had to read the book before I saw the film. Incidentally, when it came to the LOTR trilogy I saw the movies first and read the books later and that was a good thing. I wonder how this will affect my movie experience this time around.

The book begins in many ways like an old tale and is told in the perspective of an old story teller in front of a fire late at night. But later it transforms in a way into the same kind of tale as in the LOTR books, and you start to recognize that this is where J.R.R Tolkien developed his writing style that was predominant in his later works.

The Man himself.

When putting down the book I realized that Bilbo in many ways, being of the same age as Frodo when he went on his journey, is much more fit for adventure, heroics and battles than is Frodo. Also he’s wiser, more resourceful  and luckier than him. This lead to me understanding that the Bilbo that went with the Dwarves to slay the evil dragon Smaug would’ve been more fit to take the ring to Mordor. Maybe that’s because the lord of the ring hadn’t awakened and laid his eye on the ring, but putting that aside I still think Bilbo would’ve made a better job.

It’s been told that it will be turned into a trilogy as well. After having read the book I think that it’s a great idea seeing how there’s so much happening in the book that needs to be in the movie.

I only have one question: 1. What’s the Council of the White Mages? There should only be one at a time, and that’d be Saruman and then later Gandalf?

I really can’t wait for December 14th.


December 14th. Dwarves. 




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2 thoughts on “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

  1. I agree on that Bilbo was much more of an adventurer than Frodo.
    And also, I like the Hobbit better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, since it’s seems more freely written without the restraints history wise that was put on later on (such as the detailed history of the Middle Earth). And also it’s not too serious, and makes for a nice read regardless of your mood. 🙂


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