Game Hunting: It’s Not Really Retro But…


Today I went to a store that still sells PS2 games in discount bins.

Why did I go today of all days? Because I’d heard that all their games were 50% off.

50. Frickin’. Percent. Off.

So I bought Kingdom Hearts I and II. Both are games I’ve wanted since they were released but I’m too cheap to buy games over 15 bucks, and if I buy more than 1 at a time they have to be no more than 10 bucks each. I gave about 20 bucks for both, brand new.

If that’s not a great deal then I don’t know what is.

I really like how Donald and Goofy accompany you on your quest, simply because Donald Duck is my favourite Disney character. He’s the most human of them all, and Mickey is, in my opinion, too much of a goody-two-shoes to be likeable.

On a side note: I haven’t finished Advance Wars yet. Sturm is really hard, and I don’t mean down his pants, and it doesn’t help how some walkthrough authors think he’s easy when he isn’t to the average gamer. You know, they’re that kind of gamer that thinks that just because they’re good at that kind of game then anyone that isn’t is stupid. And I know I’m not stupid, I’m highly educated. Yet I can’t defeat that SOB. I think I lack the patience to beat him, and that’s a funny thing since the general consensus on how to beat Sturm is attack, attack, attack. One author even wrote that if you get Sami on your right side, and she’s a weak C.O. for that battle, then you’ve pretty much asked for a difficult battle since you pretty much suck. That’s some major douchebaggery there. I’m pretty sure that kind of guy doesn’t have too much to be proud of outside of video games, but who am I to judge others.




This image is by Sturm has been graphed, as the evil AI he is. Suits him fine. F-U Sturm. If I can’t beat him the next time I’ll consider the game beaten anyways (much like I did with Donkey Kong for the Gameboy, I couldn’t beat that ape! And Bomber Man for the Gameboy as well, couldn’t beat that last boss either. See the pattern?).


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2 thoughts on “Game Hunting: It’s Not Really Retro But…

  1. I was playing Borderlands when fought this boss character who was a pain in the ass. Tried again a different day and defeated him easily. It all depends on your mood that day.


    • I’ve tried 10 times in different days. The mistake I do, and that those “genious” gamers use frequently, is to save often after each successful move and restart when Sturm randomly attacks units you want to protect. I’ve yet never saved the game in a battle. Does that make me good? I don’t know. All I know is that it has given me more headache than I’ve wanted. 😛


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