Games I’m looking for… if they’re cheap that is.


These are the games, consoles and accessories that I’m looking to put in my collection whenever I get a great price for them. I’ll wait for the right opportunity since I’ve bought so many games that I’ll have to beat before buying new ones… at least according to my wife, that is!

1. Advance Wars: Dual Strike and Days of Ruin [NDS]

– When I’ve actually beat the first two games I’ll think of buying this game… the first one is a lot of fun but difficult at the end.

2. New Super Mario Bros. [NDS]

– I’ve played this game and reached level 8. It’s awesome!

3. Tetris DS [NDS]

– This is the best Tetris game I’ve ever played.

4. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga [GBA], Partners in Time [NDS], Bowser’s Inside Story [NDS]

– Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was awesome. I’m looking forward to owning this game.

5. Pokémon Green [GB]

– Just for collection purposes, and because I find Venusaur and Japan awesome, I want to own a copy of this game.

6. Gameboy Camera and Printer [GB]

– I’ve always wanted a Gameboy Camera ever since a guy in class boasted with his own.

7. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 1 & 2 [NDS]

– The first game is great with good graphics and music and gameplay. I hope the second game is just as good. And it’s a plus that Akira Toriyama (artist and author of Dragon Ball and artist of Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest) has designed it.

8. Gameboy Pocket (the one looking like the original GB)

– For collection purposes, and it looks really nice. The other colors look too plastic-ish.

9. Bomberman 64 [N64]

– I’ve already explained why I want this game in my review of it.

10. Wario Blast [GB]

– It’s Bomberman mixed with Wario. That’s all I need to know to want the game.

11. F-Zero X [N64]

– I’ve already explained why I want this game in my review of it.

12. Tennis [GB]

– Because I used to own it and because I still have the manual.

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6 thoughts on “Games I’m looking for… if they’re cheap that is.

  1. Tennis har jag tyvärr ingen dubblett av 😦 bytte till mig ett komplett av en kompis i nyskick men det är något jag spelade asmycket förr 🙂 tar fortfarande hur lätt som helst hem 6-0,6-0 på svåraste 😀


  2. Bomberman 64 is hands down one of the the greatest games to play multiplayer on when it comes to the N64. Mariokart 64 was one of them too. But the sadistic side of an individual’s personality shows much more with Bomberman 64. 😀


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