I’m back…and I bring gifts.

You thought I was gone, didn’t you?


I’ve been on vacation and I’ve brought gifts with me, gifts in form of a lot of video game related stuff to write about. It was great in Hawaii, by the way.

Let’s start with something that blew my mind.




It’s a specialized Gamecube controller that was connected to what was called the Lodgenet, a system connected to the TV that offered movies, normal TV channels and… Gamecube games by the hour.

That’s rad.


It says Nintendo, look!

This was a very awesome discovery indeed, and I’ve never seen systems like these before so it was a first for me. I never used it though, the hourly rate was expensive and I had two other games with me: Metroid Fusion and Pokémon White, both of which I managed to beat.

So here’s what you can look forward to read:

  • A review of Pokémon White
  • A review of Metroid Fusion
  • A list and descriptions of the games I bought during the trip (I actually managed to get hold of a Gameboy Advance SP!)
  • A couple of movie reviews

See ya until the next update! And don’t worry, if I’ll ever quit this blog I’ll write one of those heartfelt and sad posts that fans will return to several times and mourn the end of the blog they loved to read.


2 thoughts on “I’m back…and I bring gifts.

  1. I love those special models of console accessories! Even though the GameCube isn’t really old by console standards, it still feels a little sad thinking about its golden times.
    It’s like those multicart NES booths that used to be in stores for people to be able to try out the games.
    But yeah, GameCube games by the hour? Hell no. It would be cheaper to just buy them!


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