Metroid Fusion


This game was really good. I can’t really say if it was better than Super Metroid (it probably isn’t) but it clearly was on par with, if not better than, Metroid Zero Mission.

The most horrifying boss had to be Nightmare, rightfully named so. It’s looking kind of OK in the beginning but later turns into a horrifying melting face, from this:


Ok… he looks weird… a little bit creepy…


But still there’s a more horrifying thing in the game… the SA-X chasing segments, where the organism that one’s hunting down is hunting you. Because it’s copied you at full power, from Super Metroid, and you’ve lost all your power from back then and you also are very weak to your own Ice Beam.

It looks like this:

That’s just what Samus looks like.



Yeah, that’s right. Once again torrents of fecal matter accumulated in my being when I was overwhelmed with the sheer stress that it induced.

Other stressful moments that I experienced were the parts with countdowns and also when you have less than 2 minutes to fight the Omega Metroid.

All in all I thought the game was very good, with great graphics, music, gameplay, great everything. I really recommend this game to everyone that can take it!


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Second image:

Third image:

Fourth image:

Fifth image:




3 thoughts on “Metroid Fusion

  1. I don’t have the balls, nor the colon to play this game. Sure, I can play games such as Slender, but I need some company in case I wuss out.
    And I could never play Metroid alone, it’s too creepy! I salute you for your bravery!


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