Game Hunting: Journey Above The Seas

I visited the US a week ago, Hawaii to be more precise, and made sure to visit a store called Toys n’ Joys in Honolulu.  The stock was awesome with lots of Japanese and English anime merchandise, video games and other stuff. Needless to say I bought a lot as the games are way cheaper over there than here in Europe, with the Dollar being kind of low when compared to GBP. I also bought some games and other video game related stuff from other stores as well.


My Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games

Here’s a list of the games I bought:

– Tennis [GB]:

I found a good copy of this game for 3$. It’s fun, a kind of basic Tennis game, but you can’t go wrong with Mario as a referee!

– Killer Instinct [GB]:

I remember my brother having this game, and I have the manual for it to prove it. This game actually feels great, being a GB port of a SNES game and all, and makes a better job than Street Fighter II does in being one. It feels similar in fluidity as the SNES game does. 3$.

– Dr. Mario [GB]:

This is also a game by brother used to have. Nostalgia poured over me when I played this game. It’s as great as it’s on the NES; it just has less colors. 3$.

– Tamagotchi [GB]:

I always wanted this game in the midst of the Tamagotchi craze and now I’ve got it. It’s basically Tamagotchi, but with a save function (no more Tamagotchi leaving you because of neglect when the teacher takes it away from you for playing it during the class) and that’s a great plus. The downside is that you’ll need to have your Gameboy on when waiting for the lil’ bastard to sleep. On a sidenote I never owned a Tamagotchi, I had a clone called My Little Puppy. It had four buttons as opposed to one. I remember it making the game being much easier. My brother had a genuine Tamagotchi though, his cost roughly 25$ at the time and mine only 20$, and since I’d bought more crap for my allowance and been set back 5 dollars I couldn’t afford the more imaginative original. While his could grow and metamorphose into a different creature depending on whether you treated it well or not, mine remained a dog throughout the game. But it had an extra button!  By the way, remember that awesome Tamagotchi song that was played to death on the radio? Got it stuck in your head now? Mission accomplished! 3$.

– Rampage 2: Universal Tour [GBC]:

While not as good as the arcade games, I reckon, it’s very similar to the first NES game in everything but the fact that it’s kind of side scrolling to compensate for lack of screen size. It’s fun to trash and mash, chow and stomp and annihilate the pixelated beings and the cities of the Rampage world. But do I dislike those choppers… oh yes I do! 3$.

– Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 [GBC]:

When being brought to the macho West they changed the epic name Dragon Quest into something as generic as Dragon Warrior. Nowadays the series is called by its original name but still remains one of the most influential and popular game series in Japan, outclassing Western favourites such as Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda (I know, the LoZ series is not really technically an RPG but still). I bought the GBC compilation of the first two games and I’m looking forward to play it. I realized however that the internal battery seems to be dry, but since I already know how to work my magic and change Game Pak batteries I think that I’ll be able to play it anyways. 10$.


When they added voices to Yoshi in the GBA port, why couldn’t they saved some space on the cartridge and remove Baby Mario’s useless  crying?

– Super Mario Advance 2: Yoshi’s Island [GBA]:

This is the game I’ve played the most out of the new bunch. While colorful and sometimes even borderline childish, this game has proven to be unforgiving and ruthless but also to have ridiculously easy bossfights. I’m at World 6 and I can say that some levels are too easy and some too hard. It’s pretty much an unbalanced game challenge wise, at least in my opinion. 4$

– The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [DS]:

This one I found for 15$, great price when compared to what it costs where I live. I’ve heard that this is supposed to be a good entry in the series so I look forward to playing it.

I also bought a silver coloured Gameboy Advance SP (25$), three Mario figurines [10$, original price 19$ (!!)], Nintendo and Sega tees [4-6 $], and a protective shell for my Nintendo DS Lite with the three starter Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl and their evolutions (6$):


It looks so nice on my system!

That’s all for now, thank you for reading!

First image from: Myself, (C) MartianOddity

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Third image from:


7 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Journey Above The Seas

  1. Really cool finds! I’ve always wanted to try out Killer Instinct for the Game Boy but never got around to it. Glad to hear it plays similarly to the SNES version.


    • Thanks! It’s always a great feeling when one has scored a lot of great games for a great price!
      I’ve limited experience with the SNES Killer Instinct but from what I’ve played of it it seems similar to the GB port in fluidity. I might not be the best judge but all in all it seems similar.


  2. Is there any difference between the Tamagochi game on the GameBoy as opposed to the mini ones you could buy? Granted, the graphics would be better, but apart from that, the gameplay and added features ect. I would look forward to a review of that! 🙂
    And yeah, Killer Instinct on the GameBoy was a good play indeed. I remember enjoying it, even though it had limitations graphic-wise.
    You could still choose from a wide array of characters, and the fighting itself and the moves were better than the GameBoy port of StreetFighter II in my opinion.


    • Tamagotchi seems to be largely the same as the mini ones, just a larger screen (something grand for that time) and a save feature. I’ve not noticed anything new so far, but I look forward to try the game out.

      Killer Instinct is a great game for the Gameboy actually. It’s better than I remember!


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