What colour is yours?

This one is mighty weird. The girl in the middle shouldn’t have a transparent Gameboy, her hair isn’t transparent, it’s shaved and she’s bald. She should have a Gameboy without its shell. Also I find it very cool that Chris Kattan is in this ad as the guy far to the right. This ad is sooo the 90’s.

(I don’t think it’s Chris Kattan, just to avoid confusion, but he sure looks like him though)

Image from:  http://qph.cf.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-aa23f33cf430dd62a94db557f2710fd1


3 thoughts on “What colour is yours?

  1. No matter what anyone says, that IS Chris Kattan, even though he himself goes out and tries to correct me.
    And yeah, the woman should have a GameBoy without a shell alright.
    I wonder if they ever did one with the black and red one? The black one shouldn’t be hard to do, just take a dark haired model.
    The red one could be on the head of a clown. 😀


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