Super Mario Advance 2: Yoshi’s Island

#?:  Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this game. I’d heard it was supposed to be a great game and since the price was fair I bought it. I’d played the first 2 levels of the game as a kid and I’d also played Yoshi’s Island DS a bit.

Now let’s see the verdict. But to be honest I don’t think this game would make it to my top 10 Gameboy Advance games. First of all it’s originally a SNES game. Second of all… well, you’ll see.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game look great. It has this kind of cartoony look that’s impressive for the time. I don’t like the Donkey Kong Country-esque graphics that exist in some cutscenes (most notably when the enemies snag Baby Mario away) though. For some reason they’re nauseating. As I recall the internal evaluation board of Nintendo ordered Mr. Miyamoto to give the game D.K. Country-like graphics but he gave it this cartoony look and it passed. Seems as if he didn’t like the digitized graphics either…

Sounds & Music: 6/10

The music is alright, not that memorable, and the sound effects are O.K. Nothing to say really. The added sound effects add a little to the game but honestly everything in this compartment is mediocre enough to shut off the sound on the system for.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is really good, but not perfect. The levels can be unforgivingly difficult and there can be extremely easy segments too, making the game very unbalanced. I have a hard time believing that this game was targeted towards children.  The boss fights are really easy though… all but the last boss that’s challenging because of the troublesome aiming.

Replay value: 6/10

Unless you’re really anal about scores there really not much in the replay value compartment.


The original game contains the Super FX 2 chip.

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4 thoughts on “Super Mario Advance 2: Yoshi’s Island

  1. I remember Yoshi’s Island on the SNES too. Baby Mario’s crying made me stop playing it. It made you so frustrated. Any minor shove and he would be knocked off.
    But yeah, it was a beautiful game graphics-wise.
    And about the DK graphics…I agree with you on that. In retrospect, I too find DK-esque graphics nauseating. Like a relic of ancient times where -=3D=- was the shit and every awesome game should include 3D, even though it meant to use faux 3D (pseudo 3D, if you will).
    But then, with Starwing and the Megaman games, they actually included real 3D in the games, made possible with a 3D chip added.


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