Game Hunting: Wario Revolution

I visited a store whose name translates to “Coins & Music” where a nice older man works. He’s always nice, smiling, giving dicounts if you buy in bulk and is genuinely interested in customer service. I bought these two games from him:

Wario Land 3 is a game that I’ve always wanted to play and 12 dollars was a fair price for it, as I’ve seen it being listed as more expensive on the Internet.

And Wario Land 4! This one I’ve also seen being listed as more expensive, so 12 dollars was a fair price in my opinion.

I can’t wait until I’ll play these games. All I need is Wario Land 2 to have the complete handheld series.

My brother bought a Nintendo 64 with an Expansion Pack and Super Mario 64 for 40 dollars. That’s a great price!

Let’s finish this post with a hilarious picture:




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151st post means…151 Pokémon



I’m celebrating my 151st post by showing you the first 151 Pokémon. Drawn by: Devastis


Duck Hunt Lamp

I found this in Deviantart: Link

Isn’t it awesome? I really admire this kind of creativity.

And something we’ve all been waiting for:

From: Link

I’ve always wanted to Shoot the Dog.  But honestly, isn’t Duck Hunt a great game? I really think it is, even though it isn’t that variable in the gameplay.

Backseat Gaming

I think we all recognize this, backseat gaming is a well known phenomenon that was more prevalent when video games were a new thing and when everyone and their mother didn’t have a system at home.

Remember the frustration when a friend didn’t make the move you thought he/she should’ve done, and then you got the controller and played the game even worse than him/her?

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