Why no subtitles for Schwarzenegger movie?!

I recently bought a Schwarzenegger Collection movie set containing Red Heat, Red Sonja, Total Recall and Raw Deal.

I’d only seen Total Recall (a decent movie by the way, not bad at all, Rob Schneider feels a little bit misplaced though when there already is a lot of weirdos in the movie since the beginning) so the other movies would be new experiences for me.

I started out watching Red Heat. The thought of Arnold playing a russian hardcore stereotypical cop is awesome. But he doesn’t have a russian accent and the movie was so so. It didn’t help it at all to have typical 80’s nudity in the public sauna/bathhouse with men and women in the same place either. But what bothered me was not these things, not even the rude american stereotype cop that Arnold partnered up with bothered me.

It was that the movie didn’t have subtitles. Seriously. How can you have an early Schwarzenegger movie without subtitles?! What about the hearing impaired? Sure, they did translate the russian dialogue, but I found it diffucult to understand Arnold a lot of the time.

Well, all in all it was a decent movie, even though it was littered with stereotypes it’s just the kind of movie one needs when one’s really, really tired and just wants to see fights, wise-cracking cops and gunshots.

So, er…

Hasta la vista, baby.


First image from: http://www.dvdactive.com/images/news/screenshot/2008/7/schwarzeneggercollection2d.jpg

Second image from:http://www.moviepicturedb.com/pictures/10_02/1988/95963/l_95963_4f604d4c.jpg


2 thoughts on “Why no subtitles for Schwarzenegger movie?!

  1. Indeed, subs are a must when it comes to Schwarzenegger movies. I feel your pain!
    In the last pic, Arnold is grinning at you for your misfortune, celebrating with a cigar your misery.


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