Unlikely Versus No. 6

Their shared background:

Both are “normal” people that dress up as masked vigilantes to protect innocent people and beat up villains. Both are the terror that flaps in the night. Both have really cool suits as well. Also both go unnoticed in their everyday lives.

Their strengths:

Darkwing Duck has his trusted non lethal gun and hooks and stuff along with his trusted duck shaped plane and bike that were made for him. Before he met Launchpad McQuack (that two-timing s.o.b.) he was a small time hero but after that he became a big hitter in his town. Even though he’s said to be a great martial artist it’s safe to say that he really isn’t, at least not in the conventional sense, no matter what one of his backstories say (the one spoofing Batman’s origin story, where he meets a genie in the desert and asks for a cold drink, a way home and his awesome suit).  He also has a motorbike and a plane shaped like a duck, and if I recall correctly also a submarine.

Batman is a ruthless and cunning hero that is a great martial artist. Not only is he an unforgiving to this enemies, he also makes anything he can to defeat them. He’s got a lot of gadgets, many that are made just for the occasion, but the most common ones are his hookshot and his bat shurikens. He’s also got his batmobile, his batwing and batbike. He’s been known to have beaten beings such as Superman just using his mind. HIS MIND. It’s fascinating.

Their weaknesses:

Darkwing Duck is very much susceptible to die from a bullet. At least if he was transferred to Batmans world, that is.

Batman would, even though he has tough armor and all, be very weak to a bullet if it’d hit the right spot.


If Darkwing Duck would have to fight in Gotham City, or anywhere else where toon logic wouldn’t make him invulnerable, then Batman with his ruthless ways and cunning mind would be able to beat him with his eyes closed. He’d use bat sonar. Ha ha ha, get it?

 Batman emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

By the way, I’ve added updated pictures to Unlikely Versus No. 1 and 2.

Image compiled by MartianOddity from:  http://www.fightersgeneration.com/np6/char2/batman-mkvsdc1.jpg and http://www.blogcdn.com/www.comicsalliance.com/media/2010/11/darkwingducktpbpreviewpagetop.jpg


6 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 6

  1. I believe that in terms of pure hatred Batman goes a long way. Darkwing Duck can’t match that. Even if they were even in abilities and physical power, Batman’s hatred would fuel him into having more energy and more dynamite in his punches, destroying Darkwing Duck.
    Even though by some chance Darkwing would get a hold of a gun and shoot through one of Batman’s weak spots, Batman would still go on like a derailed steam engine at 88 mph.

    Going by equipment, Batman’s equipment is simply more lethal in its execution. Even the Bat grappling hook could be used to tactically strangle an opponent. Although Darkwing’s equipment is more practical, I doubt that it would suit a high-speed death match.

    By physical strength, Batman would win easily. Not only by his physical size alone, but by his hardened and heavily trained body. And I also believe that Batman is much more used to pain, giving him an upper hand. Even if Darkwing’s Kung Fu would be superior(which it isn’t ) Batman would Juggernaut through Darkwing’s defenses.

    Darkwing Duck is also more visible in the darkness, and also a bit clumsy. His white feathery shroud and dark purple clothes would give his position away. His orange beak would be visible as a beacon to where Batman could land his punches. Also, Darkwing talks too much.

    I’m sorry DD, I have to give this one to Batman.

    A match up between Batman and Negaduck on the other hand would be something to look forward to.


    • “” Even if Darkwing’s Kung Fu would be superior(which it isn’t ) “””

      Ha ha ha ha!!

      “”””His orange beak would be visible as a beacon to where Batman could land his punches.””””

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      I can only agree with you! But in a match between Negaduck and Batman would’ve ended up in the same way I think, the difference being that Batman actually would have to get a few cuts and bleed for his victory, whereas he would’nt have more than a pair of bruises when going up against Darkwing Duck,


    • That’s the way Unlikely Versus go!
      The only prerequisite is a shared background… other than that the odds may be very much in favor for one one the contestants since the beginning. If you check out the first one, Mr. Magoo vs Daredevil (where both have impaired sight), Mr. Magoo wins just because of his immense luck that nullifies all dangers around him.

      I agree with you, this fight would’ve been way too unfair… for Darkwing that is 😀


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