Backseat Gaming

I think we all recognize this, backseat gaming is a well known phenomenon that was more prevalent when video games were a new thing and when everyone and their mother didn’t have a system at home.

Remember the frustration when a friend didn’t make the move you thought he/she should’ve done, and then you got the controller and played the game even worse than him/her?

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2 thoughts on “Backseat Gaming

  1. Kirby could suck in the NES and become one with it, thus defeating the game easily. And the dog probably isn’t helping at all.
    I remember playing two player games as a child. “Go into the right door. Not the left door, the right. Shoot that guy first. Soot him! The LEFT door! Do you even know what left IS?”. S much frustration. The worst was Battletoads. Always ended up killing each other.


    • Aaaah, Battletoads. The players always were complete asses against each other.

      – “Oh, sorry, I accidentally hit you!”
      – “You idiot! We’re gonna get even, let me hit you!”


      “Oh, sorry, I accidentally hit you.”
      “Oh, it’s ok.”
      “Sorry sorry sorry I hit you!”
      “Again?! Be more careful…..what the hell?!”
      *Troll face*


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