Game Hunting: Wario Revolution

I visited a store whose name translates to “Coins & Music” where a nice older man works. He’s always nice, smiling, giving dicounts if you buy in bulk and is genuinely interested in customer service. I bought these two games from him:

Wario Land 3 is a game that I’ve always wanted to play and 12 dollars was a fair price for it, as I’ve seen it being listed as more expensive on the Internet.

And Wario Land 4! This one I’ve also seen being listed as more expensive, so 12 dollars was a fair price in my opinion.

I can’t wait until I’ll play these games. All I need is Wario Land 2 to have the complete handheld series.

My brother bought a Nintendo 64 with an Expansion Pack and Super Mario 64 for 40 dollars. That’s a great price!

Let’s finish this post with a hilarious picture:




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11 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Wario Revolution

  1. Haha, good ol’ Wario. You know, I have actually never played a Wario Land game yet, despite them being some of the better games on their respective platforms. You’ve inspired me, good sir, to seek out these games myself. Enjoy the new games, too!


  2. Great blog!! I write about video games on mine as well, feel free to check it out if you’re interested 🙂 I also made a video game twitter today so you can follow it @allyoucangame , I love meeting fellow gamers.


    • I’m not living in the US or the UK so it’s actually a fair price 😛
      In my country games are way too expensive. Also you’d have to pay about the same in for games in such a great shape as the ones I bought,
      Since the retro craze hit my country too people’ve started to buy up the scarce amount of old games off the flea markets for pennies just to sell them for 100-200% that price.
      Comparing to US prices I made a horrible deal, I agree with you on that, but when comparing to my options where I live I paid a great price for a game from a known franchise.
      Thanks for the comment! Wario Land is a great franchise.


      • In this case I understand you completely. I tend to go for complete games, doh. Box and all. But if you are in a country with hard to get games, this is a good deal. U always have eBay.


      • I buy most of my handheld games from Ebay and Amazon, a few I buy in store here. For console games I have to go for local auctioning sites and flea markets and the occasional store that’s still in business, and usually, if I don’t luck out in an auction, I’ll have to pay more for those games. I once paid 40 dollars for an NTSC Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Gamecube bundled with a Freeloader. In my eyes that’s a great deal, but I reckon you can get that game for less in the US, or in UK even.


  3. As sure as it is, video games are more expensive in Europe. Although you can make good deals in Germany from what I know.
    And the Wario games are not only good, you have a lot of power ups that differ from the Mario games. Also, you never play for the greater good, rather for the greater greed! And that’s a little delicious.


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