Game Hunting: Still not really Retro but…

I found this game brand new for 10 dollars when shopping this weekend, and even though it’s not a Retro game by definition it’s a video game nonetheless. I also bought a few other video game-related things, but I’ll post pictures of them when in a week or so as I have other great stuff to show you before that, like my promised review of Pokémon Black, New Super Mario Bros. and also a review of… the Nintendo 3DS and New Super Mario bros 2!

Anyhow, the game I bought is none other than Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the PS2.

I’ve yet to play any of the first games but I thought why not jump into the middle of the series and see what the fuss is all about and why the Japanese took sick leaves when the games were to be released leading to businesses everywhere not really working with society standing still. But the part about the sick leaves is a Dragon Quest myth that has been proven to be false though.

I really like that Akira Toriyama ( the author and artist behind the popular Dragonball and Mr. Slump series) has lent his awesome style to the series ever since its start (he’s also designed Blue Dragon and Chrono Trigger among others).




4 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Still not really Retro but…

  1. I’m almost the opposite of you: I’ve played the early games but really none of the newer ones! I’ve heard good things about this game, so I think it’s a solid purchase and a good game to boot. If it’s anything like past (and even if it’s like the great DS game DQ IX) then you’re in for a treat.


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