Now what’s their problem?

What’s your problem, kid? Why are you looking so distressed in the first picture? Why are you biting your game? Are you the reason why Gameboy games look like this?

And the Game Keeper? More like Dungeon Keeper! You don’t need that many accessories, man! The junk you’re wearing is too heavy to lift, right? Life’s not portable anymore? Ditch some of that crap, that bag won’t make it any more portable than it already is! There’s no reason to look as happy as you do in the second picture! Just get a backpack and you’ll be on the right track. Jeez.

(Actually I’m a bit jelaous of the kid, that bag looks awesome, but it’d be even more awesome if it looked like a brick Gameboy instead)

Now what’s your problem, dude? That excited over a game? You’ve got a chick hugging you, that’s what should excite you, not the game…wait, is that your mom? Are you playing a video game behind your mom’s back? That’s really clever. You’re going to be grounded, that’s what’s going to happen.

There has to be a sexual innuendo somewhere in the ad, I can feel it in my bones… oh, wait, I see it.


STD Entertainment.

Oh my Lord.

First image from:

Second image from:×520/1609759-super-mario-land-gameboy-cartridge-0.jpg

Third image from:

Disclaimer: I really like these ads, I just think the extreme expressions are hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Now what’s their problem?

  1. What’s their problem? What is it that has gone wrong in their lives?
    Why is the first kid biting his game? He is probably one of the kind of kids that smudge on the GameBoy screen a lot.
    The second kid is probably high as hell. Either on speed or LSD.

    And yeah, a smaller backpack would be much, much more comfortable to carry the GameBoy around in. And he uses waaaay to many accessories.


    • He really does, doesn’t he? He’s most certainly one of those that smudges snot, saliva and fat on his Gameboy screen.
      The guy in the second image probably has taken something a little bit extra to enhance his gaming experience. “Dude, look at all these colors, man! Radical! I think I’ll call this the Gameboy Color!”


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