Everyone Loves Libraries!

This is my NES “library”.  I’m putting library into quotation marks since it’s such a scarce amount of games. Still I have chosen them with outmost care and I don’t feel that I want any more games for the system at the moment.

I have Super Mario Bros. 3, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Mario Bros., Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers and Wrecking Crew.

  •  Super Mario Bros. 3: From my wife

    Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! : Bought at an online auction site

    Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Bought at an online auction site

    Mario Bros.: Bought at a flea market.

    Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers: Bought at a store that sells retro video games

    Wrecking Crew: Bought at a store that sells retro video games


Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! doesn’t work unfortunately since it turned out to be an American NTSC version that doesn’t work on my PAL system… the guy selling the game wasn’t entirely honest about it. So I can’t play it at the moment unless I mod the game or use an adapter/converter. You can ask me how I know it’s American when it doesn’t say which region it’s from, neither on the label nor on the back of the cartridge. That, my friends, also boggled me to no end. How could I identify the region of the game?

The INTERNET of course!

Some dude/dudette behind another computer screen in a land far far away wrote that early American games didn’t have any region labels. This was never the case with any of the other regions! This means that this game has to be American, and the fact that it doesn’t work on my system further supports this. Well, it also could be broken but I’d rather not think about it since the game was relatively pricey…

So do you have tips of where to buy a NTSC to PAL converter? So that I won’t have to butcher my own NES system? I know it’s an easy procedure to region unlock the NES but I love NES accessories.

Yes. I’m an European. I’m still shrouded in mystery though. Well, at least I hope I still am.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Libraries!

  1. I used to love finding NES games! When I was kid, my mom used to work at this little clothes/nick-knacks shop that had an unexpected shelf of NES games. I found some of my favorites this way, including Snake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll. I definitely recommend that one!


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