Pokémon Progress: In Black and White


Slither the Serperior Lv. 75 – Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Coil

Mana the Musharna Lv. 76- Psychic, Moonlight, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball

Thor the Thundurus Lv. 78 – Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot, Thunder Wave

Terra the Stoutland Lv. 75 – Return, Wild Charge, Roar, Crunch

Judoh the Throh Lv. 75 – Revenge, Stone Edge, Body Slam, Seismic Toss

Octo the Octillery Lv. 75 – Signal Beam, Ice Beam, Surf, Flamethrower

I really liked Pokémon White. I’m going to change Terra into a Ditto with the ability Imposter (see, I did my homework!) and Thor into… something else. I’m not really sure what yet though.

I really want a Ditto with Imposter, I’ve waited for it to be useful ever since the first game. This is actually one of the core reasons why I gave Black and White a chance!



Sprites from: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/?gen=2&

Image found on: Sorry, but I don’t know, tell me if you do. Somewhere on Tumblr I reckon.

2 thoughts on “Pokémon Progress: In Black and White

  1. My knowledge only stretches out to the third generation (and it’s incomplete there too). So the new Pokémon confuse me.
    But it looks like a solid and balanced team (I am guessing their types on their appearances) with varying attacks.
    And you have come far enough in the game, I see by that you don’t use a HM slave! 😀
    Personally, I too have always been intrigued by Ditto. I think that they should have made him a really rare Pokémon and made his abilities and attacks stronger. He seemed underdeveloped in the earlier games.


    • That’s the charm of the new games. It’s worth owning Black&White just for the novelty of using a Ditto with that ability.

      Yeah, it’s a sign you’ve beat the game when the Pokémon that you’ve aptly named “HM SLAVE” is put back in the PC.


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