Why No Subtitles For Arnold Movie?!: The Sequel

This time I decided to watch Raw Deal in the box I bought. And yet, still no subtitle for Arnold movie.


Get it? Raw Deal? I’m hilarious!

It’s a UK release, and I have 3 plausible theories why they didn’t include subtitles in the movies:

  1. It’s cheaper that way.
  2. They think native English-speakers can understand Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early movies without breaking a sweat when focusing all their energy on hearing.
  3. Mr. Schwarzenegger himself barged into the publishers office and demanded that they’d not release the box with subtitles as it’d insult his honor.

The movie itself was better than Red Heat in my opinion. It’s about a cop that had to be relocated because of something a sleazeball of an officer did to force him into it. Then one day his former boss calls and wants Arnold to extract revenge on the people that killed his son, who also happened to be a cop or CIA officer (I think). Arnold infiltrates and extracts revenge in beautiful ways, in ways that are delightful to watch. And of course he eventually gets a hold of the sleazeball that forced him to relocate as well, and another bout of revenge ensues. Awesome indeed.

This is exactly the kind of movie I’d watch if I was tired and needed to see unnecessary violence and confident macho men (or in this case, one unit of confident macho man).


Just look at the poster, it says it all. Awesome!

First image compiled from: http://blog.abt.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/arnold-schwarzenegger-gives-a-thumbs-up.jpg and http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumblarge_570/12939139748dQ6zP.jpg

Second image from: http://www.filmparadiset.se/wp-content/gallery/posters/raw-deal-poster.jpg


4 thoughts on “Why No Subtitles For Arnold Movie?!: The Sequel

  1. I recently watched ‘Predator’ and ‘The Running Man’ and I had no clue what he was saying for part of the movie. I thought I was the only one with this problem. Thank you for making me feel better about this!


  2. I have yet to watching this movie, and I look forward to watching it. It seems like a pretty raw deal when it’s released without subtitles. Maybe ALL of the releases don’t have subs included, hence the name. 😀


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