Professor Calculus: Master of Savate

Professor Calculus from the Tintin series is told to have been a master of the Martial Arts Savate. From Wikipedia:

“He is a former practitioner of the French martial art savate, although a demonstration in Flight 714 shows him to be a bit rusty.”

In this drawing, he’s most certainly NOT “a bit rusty“. He’s well oiled still, and shows off his great physique and unintentionally reveals his nipple piercings. They remind me of something… right, his pendulum. Only now he has two penduli instead of one. Very clever, Professor C, very clever…

I was dissappointed to see that he wasn’t included in the animated 3D movie, but that might’ve been too much to balance off. They did do a great job without him after all.


2 thoughts on “Professor Calculus: Master of Savate

  1. Those piercings O_O. Professor Calculus is indeed an interesting character that needs to be added in the new movie (if it is planned to be released). I doubt that we have seen him fight anyone on a hand-to-hand combat setting, but it would be AWESOME to see!


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