Collectibles that won’t remain collectibles



Since it’s close to Christmas or the Holidays or whatnot, I’ve bought myself not games, but other psuedo-retro stuff. In other words they’re retro, but new. Like that NES Control Pad keychain, and that Super Mario Question Mark Box. The latter is actually made of some kind of metal, and feels nice.


No more hassle starting your NES games!

No more hassle starting your NES games!


And this is my brand new third party 72 pin NES connector (made for the NES’s in the Americas and Europe). That means I won’t have a hard time starting my NES games. Also, I’ll be removing the region lock on the lockout chip while I’m already in there. I had the pleasant experience of region unlocking my brothers’ NES this weekend, we managed to work miracles that day. When my wife saw that I know what I’m doing (I’ve watched a particularily good video tutorial on Youtube FIVE times) she allowed me to open up the NES.

I will present to you my own tutorial with pictures and all, and a link to the great tutorial, when I’ve finished the project. I’ll probably do it this weekend, so look forward to something nice this weekend or at the beginning of next week.


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