Gameboy Color and Advance Modding

Alright, I’m pretty new to modding and the likes, I’ve at most installed a new protective screen on a Gameboy and Gameboy Color, changed batteries in Gameboy game paks and cleaned connectors in various game carts.

I don’t know what happened, maybe some spirit took me into its possession, but this is what happened:

bild (27)


That’s my Gameboy Advance SP. It’s been butchered.

Now what happened, really?

This is the story: I’ve been seeing this annoying crack on the screen that looked suspiciously like dust, or a small piece of a feather. I’m pretty sure it was there when I bought it but it couldn’t be seen in the Hawaiian sunlight. Also I’d ordered this for 10 dollars, including shipping, from Hong Kong:

bild (29)


I like white gadgets, and I thought to remake my Gameboy Advance SP into wearing the elusive and pretty rare Pearl White color. This meant that I had to open up the other one, and I thought I’d investigate whether or not this crack exists or not while I’m at it, and if it’d be just some dust I could remove it. But how would dust get in there, really? Knowing this I opened the system up, and it turned out to be a crack, indeed.

I was bummed out, since I couldn’t use the brand new housing shell for this system, but I remembered that, in the absence of proper frontlighting and/or backlighting kits for the Gameboy Color, it’s pretty common to use the light from SP’s, with cracked screens or those that are basically defect beyond repair, for them. And so I removed the light in a laborious process and here it is, ready to be soldered into a Gameboy Color:

bild (28)


I’ll have to buy a 47 Ohm resistor, two cable cords, electric tape and some solder tomorrow to finish up the project. In the meantime I bought a new Gameboy Advance SP on Ebay, with a scratched generic Silver shell, from Bulgaria for 21 pounds including postage.



It’s supposed to work well and only has some scratches on the shell, according to the seller. I have spare parts, like a rechargeable battery and one American and one European power adapter for it already, so I hope there won’t be a problem that I can’t take care of.

I’ll update when I’ve done some more work on this project!

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Dragon Warrior 1&2: Back on track


Now I’m at level 14, I’ve got the Magic Gaunlets, the Iron Sword, the Iron Shield and the War Ring (which a NPC thinks is queer) and I’m on my way to the big Golem with the Pixy Flute, but all the opponents are stomping me, so I’ll have to grind some more again. I’ve fought a lot of Gold Men (who give you 650 in Gold) and accumulated 10.000+ in cash (but Gold Men don’t give much Experience Points, the ones I fought gave whooping 8).


You basically slay these creatures, stip them of their body (chop it into small chunks of Gold, of course) and trade pieces of their carcasses with merchants for other stuff, like stronger weapons to make the killing of these creatures with easier.

I can only say that Heroes of Mana can wait.

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NES Messenger Bag

I got this from my wife for our 1/2 year wedding anniversary.

bild (26)

It looks awesome, feels awesome and will replace my old shabby satchel (a.k.a. man-purse, where else to put your handhelds?). You can also remove the flap with the controller logo and sit on it, but I wouldn’t want to tarnish the awesome logotype by putting my butt on it. Bottom line:

I love my wife.

Refurbishing and Replacing Batteries

bild (16)

At first I used this kit which worked so-so. I opened Dragon Quest 1&2 up and gently ripped the battery out.

bild (15)

Then I got this from my wife as a gift. She looked for it everywhere, it was sold out and all, but finally got a hold of this awesome kit that can help you open up all game systems and cartridges, and even cell phones. The Shinobii Console Tool Kit.

bild (18)

I used Mike Tyson’s Punch out as a work bench. Just kidding, it’s just there for awesome background, and I’m also going to gut it later, with a screwdriver.
On the top you have the DQ 1&2 cartridge with its new, trustworthy battery.

bild (19)

See? It works. And I tested the crap out of it, shook the cartridge and left it outside of the system for 15 min x2. It still works. Now I’ve got a Bamboo stick and Leather Cloth and I’m at Level 1. Back to grinding…

bild (20)

The Pokémon Gold dismantled, left for shame, with the old battery still left. And the small tape thingy covers the oscillating crystal that is responsible for the Time in the game and also causes the battery to slowly drain, leeching it even though the game isn’t on.

bild (21)

The new battery taped and all, to be covered by cardboard and shut. And it worked.

bild (22)

Ah, the Shinobii, ready to gut the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! cartridge since it refuses to start 50% of the time, to clean it off the filth on its connectors (you don’t need to open it up to clean the connectors, but the Shinobii shows no mercy).

bild (23)

Here’s its guts.

bild (24)

Look how filthy it was, the game deserved to be cleansed of its dust and dirt, and it was a challenge worthy of Window Cleaner and a Q-tip!

bild (25)

Don’t forget to wipe your backside.

Game Hunting: My Best Bargain Yet

This story is just too good to be true, but is true never the less. It begins in a chilly and cold day that makes your skin feel as its going to fall off revealing your bare subcutanous tissue just ready to be frozen.

We were walking to Kvibergs Marknad (I’m going to name where I’ve bought my games for your pleasure, I’ll update past posts as well) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The land of the Vikings leaves no weak people alive in its biting cold.

Anyhow, we walked through the whole place and my usual stop was closed for the day (which is odd as it usually is open every weekend). Well, we went on looking, seeing some games at decent prices, some stuff shamefully expensive and some units expensive and battered at the same time and they weren’t even rare.

Well, beaten down and defeated I went to give my sisters’ watch to a clocksmith to remove some links in the wristband. Then we saw it: a Gameboy Color missing its battery cover, fully working with Pokémon Gold. I asked the clocksmith for the price and he said he’d give it to me for a low price since the cover was missing.

bild (14)

bild (13)

This one I got for 10 pounds, which I consider to be a great price since the system was in great shape and it came with Pokémon Gold. Its internal battery was dead but I’ve replaced it and it works great.


Then, while waiting for the clerk to remove the links, my brother called for my attention. He pointed at a box in the back, barely visible from my point of view, and said:

“There’s a white box there, with a Gamecube I think. There’s Mario on it.”

I asked to check it out, it was a Pearl White Gamecube that came with Mario Smash Football (AWESOME GAME, by the way), complete in box and all manuals and stuff, supposedly. And it also came with the game Geist, just thrown in there for measure.

I asked for the price and the dude said: 45 pounds.

45 pounds.

bild (10)

bild (9)

I couldn’t believe it, 45 pounds is a great price for this system, boxed in mint condition. I tried to haggle but the dude said he’s selling it for someone else. I didn’t believe him but still it was such a great price that I had to buy it. And sure enough, I saw it listed for everything between 70-160 pounds, excluding shipping, in worse shape than this box was, on both Ebay UK and Amazon UK.

Geist seems to be the European version but bought in Turkey. Also the unit looked as it had been played like 10 times, tops.

Sweet friggin deal!

And when I opened the box I found an extra purple original controller behind all the stuff that I’d overlooked. Sweet!

bild (11)

Everyone’s so friggin’ pissed off in this game, just look at Mario’s Killing Intent.

My best deal so far. I’m planning on ordering a new screen and battery cover for the Gameboy Color and sell it, and then sell my “old” Gamecube. Funny how I came across two Pearl White Gamecubes in a couple of weeks when they’re kind of rare in Sweden.

My best video game deal. Made with a clocksmith.

Video Game Sprites and Beads

Before we start I have an announcement!

– I’ve altered the menus at the top, you can find Reviews and Retro Games Hunt under the Video Games menu.

– Also there’ll be a Retro Games Hunt post next with my greatest find yet.

                         Now let’s get going!


I’ve discovered the art of creating video game sprites out of beads.

So far I’ve got a small plate to put them on, which is why I’ve chosen one of the most iconic overworld sprites in the world, namely this one:

bild (12)

It’s Red, or “What’s your name again?” in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow.

I’m thinking of making Professor Oak and then proceed to Legend Of Zelda sprites, especially the ones from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color series, but I might eventually need a larger plate for the SNES sprites as putting them together is a hard task.

I also spent about 1 hour watching the Game Chasers, the clips at and Pat the NES Punk’s Flea Market Madness while sorting my beads into this case that I randomly found today for 3 pounds (about 5 bucks).

bild (8)

I’m such a Flea Market nerd. I’m seriously thinking I’ve got too many hobbies to keep track of. Drawing, video games (both playing and collecting), reading books and crafting with beads. I also make video game themed clocks based on CD’s, but it was a while ago. Hmm… maybe I ought to make some more…

Dragon Warrior 1&2: Rage!!

I had saved the princess and grinded the Hero to Level 13, got an Iron Shield, Iron Sword, Chain Mail and Chain Gaunlets (I think?) and when I was going to go to the Golem guarding the town in the south, with the newly acquired Flute, full of anticipation and glee, I was greeted with the message that the Save Game was erased.

The Save Game was erased.

The Save Game was erased.

The Save Game was erased.


And I had really, really, really started to enjoy the game! I was really feeling like an epic Hero on an epic quest!

I was so disappointed.


I’m going to replace the battery, polish the connectors and pray to God and all that is Holy that it won’t happen again, because I already know, and it’s a fact, that Dragon Warrior 1 is an awesome and addicting game, and I’m not getting my fix soon enough!

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