Review of Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey and Minnie


#??:  Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey and Minnie

In this game you’re taking the role of  Mickey or Minnie  in an epic installation of this First Person Shooter franchise. You can use machine guns, pistols, shotguns and also some other toony weapons in this Disney and Capcom collaboration, everything at your disposal in your quest of filling Bastard Pete (bastard isn’t much of a swear word anymore, isn’t it?) with lead.

Just kidding. It’s not a FPS. It’s a side scrolling adventure game. Got ya. But it would’ve been awesome with a Disney FPS right?

Graphics: 8/10

I’ve seen prettier games on both the SNES and the GBA, but this game still manages to look good. But when compared to Mickey Mania it looks not as good (but then, Mickey Mania had load times on a cartidge based system).

mickey mania old--article_image

Mickey Mania


Magical Quest

Sounds & Music: 6/10

While the sound effects are decent the music really isn’t. I don’t like the music in these games at all, they’re not catchy, they’re not memorable. It seems as if they tried to breed Disney-esque music with traditional video game music. Not a good combo, mind you.

Gameplay: 8/10

Great controls and  decent challenge. I’m glad they removed the timer in the following games, not that I ever ran out of time though. I like how you have unlimited continues and that you start on the part of the level you reached last. That means that you’ll start over at the boss over and over again until you beat it. For me that’s a great thing. Also there are a lot of imaginative elements of the gameplay, like disarming Little People Knight Pete’s shield with the climbing gear (that works very much like the hookshot in Bionic Commando, which Capcom also produced) or holding tomatoes to fly up in the air with them.

Replay value: 7/10

You can replay the game and beat it under 40 minutes if you’re good enough. Other than for the ego, the challenge or the points, there isn’t much speaking for replaying the game more than once a year.


In the SNES version you couldn’t choose Minnie.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey and Minnie

  1. I always loved the beginning of Mickey Mania. It’s so cool and nostalgic.
    I already replied on your previous post about the game, but I have something to add now. And that is: what’s Pete’s PROBLEM? That feces eating grin!


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