Toadtally Awesome

Battletoads NES 001-785561

I love this condescending ad. They’re clearly speaking about these turtles:


Yummy! Turtle soup.


First image from:

Second image from:


6 thoughts on “Toadtally Awesome

  1. Oh, I remember how they tried to make the Battletoads into “the new Turtles”. Dissin’ the Turtles, trying to be cool by being disgusting and radical toads.
    I like how in the Turtlesoup picture, Leonardo is trying to hold on to the ladle! 😀


  2. Oh, and Mike had apparently drowned. Donatello and Raphael are either screaming in agony, passed out, or are dead.
    Maybe Leonardo’s grip is a death grip! Morbid, really. :p


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