Disney’s Magical Quest 3: Starring Mickey and Donald


#??:  Disney’s Magical Quest 3: Starring Mickey and Donald

And here’s the last and best part of the trilogy, where you’ll have the honors of playing as Donald Duck! The title should say “Starring Donald” because I mean, when it comes to choosing between them two, the choice should be clear since a) you’ve played as Mickey the last 2 games and b) Donald is a much more likeable, at least when compared to the Mickey Mouse we know today (goody-two-shoes, bland personality, few human-like flaws etc.). Well, lets’ get on with the review.

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Graphics: 8/10

Still the same, but the newly animated Donald has a lot of nice animations that adds to his persona. The game has an overall nicer look and I have to say that the powerups are the best in this game, Knight, Wizard and Wood Trunk Climber (I’m making all of these up, I can’t be bothered to look the proper names up), both design and power-wise. Though the Wizard powerup has gotten Nerfed.

Sounds & Music: 7/10

A whopping 7, which is a lot for this series. That’s simply because there’s one tune alone that rocks in the game, and it’s the one for King Kleptomania Pete’s Castle in the end (7th level).

Gameplay: 9/10

The Knight suit is by far the best powerup in the game and you’ll be using and abusing it all the way through. There are a few instances when you’ll get to use the Wood Trunk Climber power, and even less the Nerfed and pretty useless Wizard powerup (only activates a few items to move, effective against a small group of enemies…).

Mickey and Donald’s suits work very differently. Mickey has his normal Knights armor but since Donald has too big of an ass (in my eyes not by much) he gets conned and gets a really bad suit that works surprisingly well:

Smug bastard.

Smug bastard.

What a Knight!

Poor Donald, drawing the short stick once again.

Mickey’s Armor makes the final battle easier than Donald’s suit does, though I prefer Donald’s since he wears is like a real man.

The last level is a great challenge, when it comes to climbing and stuff, but otherwise the challenge is even throughout the game.  Still you don’t start at the bosses anymore if you lose all your lives and this adds to the challenge, though I can’t say that the bosses are all that difficult to begin with.

This game presents to us the easiest Poop-eye Pete battle by far.

Replay value: 9/10

There are significant differences between Mickey and Donalds’ suits and other powers which adds to the replay value a lot. This one is more fun than the previous games and is vastly improved upon, and I don’t get why this, the best of the bunch, wasn’t translated and brought to us outside of Japan before this GBA version. The simple answer is “no profit to be made”.


Only one of the games not to be released to the SNES outside of Japan.

First image from: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111002231658/disney/images/e/ef/918954_49043_front.jpg

Second image from: http://cdn4.spong.com/artwork/d/i/disneysmag123684/_-Disneys-Magical-Quest-3-Starring-Mickey-and-Donald-GBA-_.jpg

Third image from: http://cdn0.spong.com/artwork/d/i/disneysmag123680/_-Disneys-Magical-Quest-3-Starring-Mickey-and-Donald-GBA-_.jpg


3 thoughts on “Disney’s Magical Quest 3: Starring Mickey and Donald

  1. First of all, Mickey has a punchable face on the front cover. Second of all, who is Donald looking at. Third of all, why is Pete pointing at
    Mickey and Donald. What is his problem.

    I agree that Donald wears his suit more manly. It is kinda douchey of Mickey to keep the good suit, though.
    Yeah, Mickey is a smug bastard, and a royal SOAB, the bastard son of a broomstick belonging to a lonely hermit, knight of the lands of Smugtopia, Uncle to a monkey’s aunt, no matter what he thinks or anyone else thinks for the matter.


    • I agree about Mickey wholeheartedly, good sir.

      “First of all, Mickey has a punchable face on the front cover.” – Agreed. A punch to his snout would compliment his facial features very well.

      “Second of all, who is Donald looking at.” – Daisy taking a nude bath.

      “Third of all, why is Pete pointing at
      Mickey and Donald. What is his problem.” – I think he’s showing the Hueys that they’re as good as dead since Donald and Mickey are completely unfocused on their quest to rescue them. Also, I still don’t know what his problem is. Hemorrhoids, maybe?

      “I’ll make everyone suffer because of my hemorrhoids!”

      That sounds about right.


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