Now playing: Dragon Quest I & Heroes of Mana


I’m playing Dragon Warrior 1 (Dragon Quest in the East) on the Gameboy Color (the cart also contains the 2nd game) and right now I’m either dying or walking around in the dungeons finding stuff but not knowing what I’m doing or where to go. I don’t want to resort to using a walkthrough just yet but I’m growing frustrated!

The first overworld screen.

The first overworld screen.

My own copy of the game.

My own copy of the game.

I’m at level 10 right now (grinding and exploring levelled me up) and have an Iron Shield, Iron Chain Mail and Iron Hammer (I think it’s a hammer, the icon looks like one, maybe it’s an axe?).


I also started up playing Heroes of Mana for the DS, thinking it was an action RPG like its SNES counterparts, but it turned out to be a game I’d played before with a DS-based real time strategy with farming for resources, building barracks and other stuff, summoning monsters and fighting off approaching enemies to win each stage. It seems interesting and all, but I can’t be bothered to learn its system at the moment, so I’ll have to go back playing it later on.

This is how the game can look like, a little bit cluttered, but fun never the less.

This is how the game can look like, a little bit cluttered, but fun never the less.

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4 thoughts on “Now playing: Dragon Quest I & Heroes of Mana

  1. So it seems like that they have mixed Heroes of Mana with a little bit of Age of Empires? It looks cluttered indeed, but maybe it makes the game more intense and more enjoyable in the long run.
    Think of making a new Pokemon game, and you can battle in the underground leagues, where you can fight with 6 Pokemon at the same time in an all out slaughterfest! Graveler used earthquake! Magnitude 9! Clefable has fainted! Arbok has fainted! Zigzagoon has fainted! Bayleef has fainted!

    Haha, but to be a little bit serious for once, I had the same problem with Kings Quest for the Pc as you have with Dragon Warrior. Where should I go? What is my objective? What just happened? I don’t know what I’m doing!


      • “You lost the BATTLE. All your POKEMON are DEAD. Do you want to BURY your POKEMON in LAVENDER town?”


        “Your POKEMON can be buried for a fee of 6000′ do you agree?”


        “Your POKEMON have been buried”

        “DIGLET used DIG. Do you want to plunder the graves?”


        “You found POKEBALL and MAX ETHER”

        Such a dark game it would be.


      • “You don’t have the money to BURY your Pokémon, but we can CREMATE the remaining two.”


        “The MR. FUJI’s CHARIZARD used FIRE BLAST!”
        “It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!”

        “Your Pokémon have been CREMATED. I’m sorry for your loss. We hope to see you again!”


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