Sonic Gems Collection


I’ve got this game for the PS2. It contains the following games:

  • Sonic CD: – The crown of the compilation, a more obscure but well done game that, while awesome, didn’t get its well deserved recognition when released due to being on the Mega CD and PC.
  • Sonic the Fighters: – An interesting 3D fighting game featuring the Sonic cast.
  • Sonic R: A racing game that features the Sonic cast, but with an eerie Tails doll racer that has a frightening meme centered around it.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: For the Sega Game Gear
  • Sonic Spinball: A Game Gear pinball game based on the infamous casino and pinball stages in the main Sonic games.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift 2, Tails’ Skypatrol, Tails Adventures: For the Game Gear,  I don’t know anything about these games. I’ll have to play them first!
  • Vectorman and Vectorman 2: Features a dude made out of vector graphics. Pretty awesome, and a decent game from what I’ve heard.

Today I played through Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters. Let’s start talking about Sonic CD:


This is a game that looks and works in pretty much the same way as the Genesis/Mega Drive versions of the series. It adds to some 3D elements, updated graphics, added speed, new game elements and the ability to move back to either the Past or the Future when having gained enough speed.


First level of the game! Looks pretty sweet, right?

I really liked the game. The Present looks like in the previous games, the Past has a brown hue and less technological design and the Future, my least of favourite, looks like shit. It’s basically a depressing and dark future design where Robotnik has won and replaced all living things with dead technology.


A “Past” sign, go fast now and you’ll get back in time! At 88 MPH!

I’m not really sure if the time travelling alters the gameplay in any way, but it gives a change in environment and is pretty cool.

All in all a great Sonic game that should be played by lovers of the platform Sonic series. It’s worth buying this compilation only for this game, and that’s saying something. At least where I come from you can get this for only 4 dollars!

The only con was that it made me motion sick…

Sonic the Fighters:

This is a fun 3D fighter which I managed to beat through button mashing in Easy mode with the Man himself, Sonic.

You can fight Tails, that cowboy dude, that chameleon, Metal Sonic, a Shadow version of your character, a bear of some sort (you see that I don’t know the names of the friends of Sonic, right? I’m sorry but I never knew them since I didn’t have Sega consoles. Sega went bye-bye in the console wars because of me), Robotnik and Knuckles.

Me fighting Metal Sonic.

Me fighting Metal Sonic.

You have some special moves, punches, kicks and throwing moves (never realized how to execute throws though) and there are good controls and the graphics were alright for its time. A very fun game, especially when played against friends, I reckon.


Sonic VS. Knuckles, not me playing though.

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2 thoughts on “Sonic Gems Collection

  1. Doesn’t it happen that you accidentally go into the past or the future if you don’t pay attention, or if it goes too fast? :p
    I’ll have to try that game out!
    How is the fluidity of Sonic fighters? Is it fast fighting or slow?


    • Well, you usually recognize what sign you’ve touched, but you can’t control the time-travelling as far as I know.

      Sonic Fighters plays good, not as satisfying as the Tekken series but still shows a fluid and balanced game (bar that crazy cowboy that shoots at you, totally unfair!).


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