Game Hunting: You’re In Control!

Controllers, or Human Interface Devices (HID) as they’re called on the PC, are essential when you own a console. You know, the controllers don’t come built in as with handhelds, but you can change them for other kinds of controls and replace them when they’re starting to mess up.

I recently ordered two types of controllers, one for the NES and two for the Gamecube, and…they’ve arrived!

bild (6)

bild (7)

The Gamecube controllers are for the Pearl White Gamecube that I bought recently, they were sold for 20 dollars a pair. Nice price! They’re 3rd party controllers made for the Wii mainly, but work very well on the Gamecube, and feel exactly like the originals. And they’re white…I’m a sucker for white stuff, remember? What color is my DS Lite, do you think?

The NES Advantage is pretty much “just” an arcade stick for the NES, that feels and works in the same way. If you want to play a 2 player game you’ll have to choose a turn-based one and connect both plugs into the system, but if you want two for a Co-Op game you’ll just have to plug the first plug into each controller port on the system. I love the Advantage. It’s so bad. Bad as in totally awesome!

Now I’m in control.

And remember kids, don’t drink your own pee. It might be sterile but it’s also a very potent breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms because of the abundance of minerals and other solutes that they thrive in. The more you know! So leave your pee in the bowl.

And that concludes this Retro Games Hunt post.


3 thoughts on “Game Hunting: You’re In Control!

    • Thanks! They look great in it!

      You can get the NES Advantage for about 8-15 pounds if I recall correctly. It’s generally cheaper if you get it through Auctions when compared to Buy It Now.


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