Game Hunting: 30 New Games!

New games

This time I’ve outdone myself.

I’ve got my hands on a few games that I’ve searched for for a while. Well, all but one of them.

Robocop is a rental copy complete with the case from the olden times (from when I was a kid, that is) but I couldn’t fit it in the picture with the case, so I left it out. It’s from the now out-of-business Swedish distributor Yapon. Price: 10 dollars (a fair price since these rental copies are sought after by collectors)

He gets hurt by kicks, dog bites and other stuff he's impervious to in the movie, but it's still a good game.

He gets hurt by kicks, dog bites and other stuff he’s impervious to in the movies, but it’s still a good game.

Blue Shadow is a really good game, in the spirit of Ninja Gaiden (only better in my opinion) that was produced by Natsume (Serious Fun!). It’s a game that looks great, feels great and plays great. And it’s a 2-player Co-op game! Price: 10 dollars (I haven’t found it  for a better price the last 5 years. It’s a good and sought after game so I consider this a fair price.)

A challenging but great game, a must have for the NES.

Powerpuff Girls I bought in a Thrift Store. It looks like crap, but it’s a boxed mint condition Gameboy Color game that I bought for a fair price, completely new. I hope it plays well. It surely won’t though.  I haven’t been looking for this game at all. It’s a purely indicental find that I couldn’t pass up. Price: 3 dollars.

Doesn't look that nice, doesn't it?

Doesn’t look that nice, doesn’t it?

Mega Drive Collection (Genesis Collection in the US) I got for a fair price and completely new in plastic wrapping and all. It contains 27 games, which in a way means that I’ve bought 30 games in 7 days. This also means that I won’t need to buy a Mega Drive/Genesis to play most of the great games for the system. I think I’ve saved about 90 dollars all in all with this purchase, and the games are said to be good ports. I especially look forward to Comix Zone (an awesome game where a comic book artist gets dragged into his own story and fights his way through his panels) and now I only need that awesome SEGA/PS2 controller…: Link Price: 7 dollars.

Comix Zone, an innovative and great game for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Comix Zone, an innovative game for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Phantasy Star, I don't know which game in the series though. I wonder what she's referring to?

Phantasy Star, I don’t know which game in the series though. I wonder what she’s referring to?

First image from: Taken by me, Martian Oddity

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3 thoughts on “Game Hunting: 30 New Games!

  1. Is that Joe Jetson in the still of the Powerpuff Girls game? What is he doing there?
    I have to come and try out the Mega Drive Collection games!
    Blue Shadow I have played. It is hard as hell!


    • It has to be George Jetson. I think he’s doing a cameo since he’s off payroll since his cartoon ended and his Jane, his wife, spent up all their money at the beginning of each intro.


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