Robocop 3: Is It That Bad?

Robocop 3. The black sheep of the trilogy, where Peter Weller doesn’t reprise his role as Officer Murphy, a.k.a. Robocop.


He becomes a combination of  the dutiful and brave Irish cop he is and some of the topmost state-of the art equipment available, stuff that puts today’s technology to shame. I can just say that I don’t think there’s any possibility to have a worst first day at work than he had.

This movie builds off the first two movies. We’re still following Murphy in his endeavors to crush the increasing criminal activity in Detroit City. And he does it well, even though I can’t help to feel they need about 9 more of him to be successful since the city is just as riddled with crime as it was in the first movie.

OCP still has the role of the bad guy in this movie, and most people reprise their roles, even Murphy’s partner Anne, but one can see a gaping hole where Jill Hennessy plays Robocops engineer/lover (just kidding about the lover part) and OCP has a new boss that’s played by Rip Torn. Also Robocop is played well by Robert John Burke, so he looks different, but since his visor is off for short times one won’t notice. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mr. Burke’s face or anything, don’t get me wrong.

Weller to the left and Burke to the right. Note the difference?

Weller to the left and Burke to the right. Note the difference?

The plot is the following; as shown in Robocop , OCP needs to evacuate all living premises to build their generic tall buildings of glass and steel for the public. Problem is, most people don’t want to move. And some Japanese corporation with no conscience whatsoever uses hired mercenaries to forcibly move the citizens into the Rehabilitation Centres. At first Robocop is pitted against the rebels but when something happens he decides to switch sides and defend the innocent, and the Japanese send the Katana-wielding Otomo to take care of both the rebels and Murphy.

Otomo, pretty, isn't he? Just dazzling, really.

Otomo, pretty, isn’t he? Just dazzling, really.

One thing that I don’t get is that his directives are back. I guess OCP reintroduced them as a safety measure, but they didn’t know about this if I recall correctly. I guess he must have told someone that shouldn’t know by accident and been re-programmed by that ancient computer again.

All in all I can say that it’s a very enjoyable movie that reeks of the 90’s. It’s a great trilogy, really, and I’m afraid they’re going to poop all over Robocop and his awesome design with the remake. Anyhow, I actually think I like this a bit more than the 2nd movie and really recommend it to everyone old enough, though the 1st one still holds a very special place in my heart.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I guess we'll have to wait until the CGI is added upon the film.

I’m not sure what to make of this. I guess we’ll have to wait until the CGI is added upon the film. I need to see how he moves.

Trivia:  The suit was too small for Burke, and that explains why he moves too stiffly. They didn’t have the budget to make a new smaller one…

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3 thoughts on “Robocop 3: Is It That Bad?

  1. Robocop 3 is pretty alright as a sequel.
    For one, I liked Otomo, although he still scares me. Especially in the shot you have included in the post.
    The new actor wasn’t too different compared to the old one.
    The only thing that bugged me is that the three movies have pretty much the same story; (an) OCP (official) goes rouge for his/its own benefit, RoboCop goes rouge against OCP, he fights a much stronger robot, but finds its weakness and destroys it.
    I also believe that RoboCop and his “technician” should start a relationship, but I believe that many emotions were deleted when he became a robot. And I doubt that they included a robo-boner in his features.

    And the second movie was good as well, but it was a lot more gross!


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