Video Game Sprites and Beads

Before we start I have an announcement!

– I’ve altered the menus at the top, you can find Reviews and Retro Games Hunt under the Video Games menu.

– Also there’ll be a Retro Games Hunt post next with my greatest find yet.

                         Now let’s get going!


I’ve discovered the art of creating video game sprites out of beads.

So far I’ve got a small plate to put them on, which is why I’ve chosen one of the most iconic overworld sprites in the world, namely this one:

bild (12)

It’s Red, or “What’s your name again?” in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow.

I’m thinking of making Professor Oak and then proceed to Legend Of Zelda sprites, especially the ones from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color series, but I might eventually need a larger plate for the SNES sprites as putting them together is a hard task.

I also spent about 1 hour watching the Game Chasers, the clips at and Pat the NES Punk’s Flea Market Madness while sorting my beads into this case that I randomly found today for 3 pounds (about 5 bucks).

bild (8)

I’m such a Flea Market nerd. I’m seriously thinking I’ve got too many hobbies to keep track of. Drawing, video games (both playing and collecting), reading books and crafting with beads. I also make video game themed clocks based on CD’s, but it was a while ago. Hmm… maybe I ought to make some more…


4 thoughts on “Video Game Sprites and Beads

  1. I’ve really wanted to start doing this too! It seems like a fun, somewhat easy, a rewarding hobby for a gamer. Not only that, but I was at a game convention last year where someone was selling these. And I mean they were selling them, as in people were in line buying them. While I thought it would be cool to own a Mega Man made out of beads, I decided against spending $7 on it a choose to someday do it myself.


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