Dragon Warrior 1&2: Back on track


Now I’m at level 14, I’ve got the Magic Gaunlets, the Iron Sword, the Iron Shield and the War Ring (which a NPC thinks is queer) and I’m on my way to the big Golem with the Pixy Flute, but all the opponents are stomping me, so I’ll have to grind some more again. I’ve fought a lot of Gold Men (who give you 650 in Gold) and accumulated 10.000+ in cash (but Gold Men don’t give much Experience Points, the ones I fought gave whooping 8).


You basically slay these creatures, stip them of their body (chop it into small chunks of Gold, of course) and trade pieces of their carcasses with merchants for other stuff, like stronger weapons to make the killing of these creatures with easier.

I can only say that Heroes of Mana can wait.

First image from: http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/gbc/dw2/logos/dw2-03.gif

Second image from: http://picture1.enfuniverse.com/anime/dragon_quest/gold_man/01.jpg

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