Gameboy Color and Advance Modding

Alright, I’m pretty new to modding and the likes, I’ve at most installed a new protective screen on a Gameboy and Gameboy Color, changed batteries in Gameboy game paks and cleaned connectors in various game carts.

I don’t know what happened, maybe some spirit took me into its possession, but this is what happened:

bild (27)


That’s my Gameboy Advance SP. It’s been butchered.

Now what happened, really?

This is the story: I’ve been seeing this annoying crack on the screen that looked suspiciously like dust, or a small piece of a feather. I’m pretty sure it was there when I bought it but it couldn’t be seen in the Hawaiian sunlight. Also I’d ordered this for 10 dollars, including shipping, from Hong Kong:

bild (29)


I like white gadgets, and I thought to remake my Gameboy Advance SP into wearing the elusive and pretty rare Pearl White color. This meant that I had to open up the other one, and I thought I’d investigate whether or not this crack exists or not while I’m at it, and if it’d be just some dust I could remove it. But how would dust get in there, really? Knowing this I opened the system up, and it turned out to be a crack, indeed.

I was bummed out, since I couldn’t use the brand new housing shell for this system, but I remembered that, in the absence of proper frontlighting and/or backlighting kits for the Gameboy Color, it’s pretty common to use the light from SP’s, with cracked screens or those that are basically defect beyond repair, for them. And so I removed the light in a laborious process and here it is, ready to be soldered into a Gameboy Color:

bild (28)


I’ll have to buy a 47 Ohm resistor, two cable cords, electric tape and some solder tomorrow to finish up the project. In the meantime I bought a new Gameboy Advance SP on Ebay, with a scratched generic Silver shell, from Bulgaria for 21 pounds including postage.



It’s supposed to work well and only has some scratches on the shell, according to the seller. I have spare parts, like a rechargeable battery and one American and one European power adapter for it already, so I hope there won’t be a problem that I can’t take care of.

I’ll update when I’ve done some more work on this project!

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2 thoughts on “Gameboy Color and Advance Modding

  1. Aw dang it. I hate it when you are starting a project and you are really shure you know what you are doing and suddenly, such an obstacle puts a long break in your progress. But good luck, man!


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