Manly Man Wario

WarioWario is my favourite Nintendo character. He’s fat, he’s muscular, greedy and isn’t afraid of being himself. Also, he’s a manly man that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if needed to (to get more gold, that is). I also love that his games feature him robbing/collecting every creature he runs across of money, if I recall correctly just to get a castle of his own (in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins he’s stolen a castle in Mushroom Kingdom [forgive me if I’m wrong on this, I haven’t read up on this] which you, as Mario, kicks him out of).


Derp-Wario approves!!

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2 thoughts on “Manly Man Wario

    • Indeed, that’s exactly how he sweats. I’m happy the odor plugin I installed really works in the blog. Either that or the drawing is so powerful it’s able to convey info about smell.


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