Game Hunting: Not Really Retro But It’s A Game Hunt After All

There actually was some sun outside, and since we weren’t working today and actually could enjoy it, we decided to take a stroll into the city centre. We didn’t have shopping in mind, but that’s also when we usually find and make the best deals.

First I found this game for half the Sales price, for 15 pounds, in Åhlens:

bild 1

I know people say that it’s not really worth buying and playing Pokémon Black and White 2 if you’ve got the first, but since

a) I’m a Pokémaniac,

b) It was sold at a great price brand new,

c) Impostor Ditto is readily available in the game and,

d) Ditto is my favourite Pokémon next to Venusaur,

I just couldn’t pass this up. Pokémon White was a great game and I’m looking forward to a new adventure in the same area, with a Pignite and Impostor Ditto, until Pokémon X and Y are released. Which one I’ll buy depends on the version exclusives, but I already think that Pokémon X sounds way cooler than Pokémon Y which in my opinion is a letter that falls flat. Maybe they should’ve called them Alpha and Omega, and had a legendary that creates (Alpha), and one that destroys (Omega), with their corresponding name puns pointing to this matter. Wouldn’t that be totally radical? Crealpha and Destromega maybe? Creator+Alpha and Destroy+Omega. First one has healing and status attacks and the other more damaging attacks, like bulk VS. attack.

Anyhow, my next find, for 3 pounds only in Clas Ohlson, was this:

bild 3

Alright, I know nothing about board culture, but crossed dogbones are awesome. Also, the brand is Malo Perro, which translates to “Bad Dog” (yes, I know Spanish fairly well) and that’s a hilarious reason to buy the case. I think it also said “I want to be your dog” in the lower right corner, and that’s also hilarious.

This is a Nintendo DS carry case in its essence, but since I’ve already got an official case for it (which I bought with the system in 2007) and another protective sleeve in faux leather (which gives a mature and grown up look to it until I take it off and show a Pokémon themed protective outer shell on the upper lid), I’m going to use this to protect my Gameboy Color. I just hope that I’ll succeed front lighting it, I’ve recieved all the materials I ordered but I’ve have to put the assembly on hold since I’ve found out I’ll have to work 6 days at a row, have 1 day free, and then work for 3 more nights before I’ll get 5 days free in a row. It’ll be hell.

Right, here’s the next find, which I got for free in Game Stop:

bild 2

This is a informative pamphlet shaped like the Wii U controller, and I usually pick these up whenever I see them since they’re both pretty and nice to showcase in a potential game room in the future. I’ve got one shaped like the PS Vita as well.

bild 4

And this is a Hobby Knife that I bought for 5 dollars since a lot of modders advice having one since the narrow and small tip of the blade helps a lot in cutting smaller objects in the systems. Also I’d be able to use it for a lot of other hobbies as well.

And just for the heck of it I thought I’d show you the protective case I’m using for my Iphone:

bild 5


5 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Not Really Retro But It’s A Game Hunt After All

  1. Nice deals! But did you know that cardboard cutouts of the WII U controller has become a thing on Ebay? Not as nice as the informative pamphlet either. And some have sold for much more than they are worth.


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