Mickey’s Dark Side

In this story Mickey is an Agent, and during a stealth mission where he’s trying to bust a Gold Smuggler he disguises himself in black clothes and a very much visible red hat, and yellow gloves (seriously, what’s with the yellow gloves, they’re supposed to be white but in some of these European comics they make them yellow anyways).


Anyways, I saw some shots of him that I thought were hilarious, like in this first shot where he’s being chased by some buffoons:

bild 1 (1)

Man, look how evil he looks. That’s an evil smile, no doubt. Here he’s made one of the people drive off the road. And this one takes the price:

bild 2 (1)

He smokes a pipe! While looking all evil and shit!

That’s actually an Agent Super Shizzle Top Secret Dazzling Tech Pipe or something, that produces smoke that a) makes the user cough (inconvenient, right?) and b) other people unable to see through the smoke.  And he’s using it against the thugs.

bild 3 (1)

And here’s his celebratory pose. Evil or heroic rejoice? You decide!


200 kopiera



And this was my 200th post!! Yay! Almost 2 years and still going on!


2 thoughts on “Mickey’s Dark Side

  1. I believe hat Mickey has a dark side inside of him just waiting to be released the day he finally snaps.
    I mean, how could he be such a goody two showes and smile all the time? No, he has pent up anger, just like anyone else.
    One day he will snap, and the evil will break free. What we see in those panels you posted is him merely letting his evil side take over for a few minutes.

    By the way, that two hundredth post pic you have, have you made it yourself? It is pretty sweet.


    • Mickey’s gonna snap. First he’ll probably snap Pete’s neck I reckon.

      Yeah, I made that one myself. The image is from a t-shirt I have (the original family) which I shopped like this one. Thanks! 😀


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