Game Hunting: I Know They’re Not Retro Yet But One Day They Will Be!

I walked into one of my usual stops, Gengåvan in Karlstad, Sweden, for some books. I’m looking for the other 4 copies of a series by H.C. Andersen, with his stories. While not that rare really they’re not readily available outside of web pages (where you can get the complete set for as little as 10 dollars, that’s great since they’re from the 1927’s) but I guess the search is whats drives me.

I found a Hardback copy of Michael Jacksons autobiography Moonwalker from 1988, printed in 1989, for only 3 pounds in tip-top shape. This was great since I found the same book in pocket version just yesterday for 50 cents, but it was printed in 2009.

Well, when it comes to video games they usually don’t have much. When I get there someone’s either picked through all the good stuff or they simply haven’t got a donation of video games in a while. I found a boxed version of Klick & Play (you know, that awesome software which you could make your own games with) but then ditched it when I held my eyes on these beauties:

bild 1 (2) bild 2 (2) bild 3 (2)

How much did they cost? 2,5 pounds each, in mint condition, no scratches on the discs and the manuals and other things still in the cases untouched.

Did I luck out or what?


5 thoughts on “Game Hunting: I Know They’re Not Retro Yet But One Day They Will Be!

  1. Those are all fantastic games! I am a big fan of the Capcom Classics Collections, and I highly encourage you to seek out Vol. 2 as well: there are some truly great games included on that disc.


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