Trying To Install a Frontlight and Failing

I started off doing exactly as the tutorials say and extracted the GBA SP screen as one should.

bild (28)

Then I opened up the Gameboy Color to see this marvellous picture:

bild 1 (3)

I soldered two cables to the screen, inserted it and then to the board and all:

bild 2 (3)

And then I cut off some of the plastic using the hobby knife:

bild 4 (1)

Here it is, all picked off.bild 5 (1)

When done, after having soldered the cables to the board, I tried it out and it didn’t work. I re-soldered everything and reversed the cable positions and the system didn’t boot up, so I re-did everything and tried again several times.

After 2 hours of total work I gave up and realized that the frontlight must’ve broken when I disassembled the old system.


Anyhow, I’m not that sad since I asked Noninfinite Electronics, the guys behind the V3 and V4 backlights for the Original Gameboy, if they had a kit for the GBC as well. This is their answer:

“Hi MartianOddity,

You can’t backlight Colors, with any kit, they can only be frontlit.  We are working on a frontlight kit but it’s not available yet.  If you can’t wait, then you can try the GBA SP trick, but I agree it’s a waste, hence why we are working on a frontlight:)  Let me know if you have any other questions!


Nonfinite Electronics”

Now isn’t that great? They’re working on a frontlight kit for the Gameboy Color!

Mario pic from:


3 thoughts on “Trying To Install a Frontlight and Failing

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