Now Playing: Dragon Warrior II

bild 1 (4)

In Dragon Quest I I finally managed to collect the Rain Staff and Sun Stone to create the Rainbow Bridge, the same one that the Hero with the weak sounding name Loto, your ancestor, did. Then I crossed it and…

bild 2 (4)

… then I managed to clear out the castle and defeat Dracolord, a disappointingly weak final boss. Maybe I overleveled my character but I honestly didn’t expect the game to be that short. Rexx, you’re the greatest hero.

bild 3 (4)

A game well played, well played. Now on to the second game!!!

bild 4 (2)

And drumrolls and a grand entrance for Prince Oboe.
Yeah… I named him Oboe. Descendant of the great Hero Rexx, who in turn came from the mighty lineage of Loto, our very own Prince Oboe.

bild 5 (2)

Prince Oboe with his distant relative Prince John in the party.
Now go, Oboe.

bild (31)

And here’s the trio. Prince Oboe, Prince John and Princess Mary. See how far they’re apart in levels? Yeah, the other ones start at Lv. 1 too… and that’s really tough in an environment when you need at least Lv. 8 to even walk in that area and survive.


2 thoughts on “Now Playing: Dragon Warrior II

    • They really do! I’m absolutely positive that they will faint after a single slap. The reason why they can survive their adventures is because no one slaps them… well, everyone but Godo, he’s been slapped TWICE.


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