Custom Mods by Zoki64


Schmexy Donkey Kong Controller! Made by Zoki64.


The most good looking of them all! Wow, I say, WOW! How does he get that gloss?


Pearl Green Gameboy Advance.


Super Metroid Super Nintendo! That’s a hot SNES!


Starfox 64 themed Nintendo 64. Nice!!


Super Mario Nintendo 64 controller. Amazing design!


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarine of time Nintendo 64 unit. Aaaawesooooome!


Link to Zoki64.


4 thoughts on “Custom Mods by Zoki64

  1. Seriously, these designs should have been sold with the N64. After a successfully sold game they could sell it with a matching console. It would be much, much better than those transparent iMac wannabees!


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