Custom Gameboys: Dazzling DMG-01’s


This is a collage made by Thretris, a user on Deviantart, that makes radical Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Pocket, NES and SNES mods.


This sexy beast is my favourite of the bunch, because it’s WHITE!


Steampunk! I think Steamboy would play his games on a Gameboy like this one, no doubt.


A BRICK Gameboy! Get it? Heh?

Link to Thretris Deviantart Gallery

2 thoughts on “Custom Gameboys: Dazzling DMG-01’s

  1. For some reason the SteamPunk mod looks like you can cut yourself on it. Nevertheless, it is awesome!
    I think that the Game and Watch version is cool, also the ones with the red screens.
    Although I wouldn’t really buy the latter, with the fear of seeing red.


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