My Playstation 2 Games Part 1

Playstation 2

Crash: Tag Team Racing

– Bought for 10 £ brand new in Empik in Bialystok, Poland. A real fun racing game, too bad you can’t play more than 2 buddies at once.

Tekken 5

– Got it with the system and Grand Turismo 4, which I paid 100 £ for brand new, in Euro RTV in Galeria Alfa in Bialystok, Poland. It’s a really great fighting game that excels in anything the true classic Tekken 3 did. Also, it contains Tekken (pretty awful in my opinion), Tekken 2 (a great fighting game) and Tekken 3 (which I played in arcades and beat with that cop character while in Hersonissos, Greece). Is that a great deal or what?

Gran Turismo 4

– Got it with the system and Tekken 5, in Euro RTV in Galeria Alfa in Bialystok, Poland. It’s really, really good, but I don’t get why that mode ( I don’t remember the name) had to be time limited in real days, and not accessible anymore on your game save, you know, the one where you could actually get new tracks and new cars. That’s bollocks.

From Russia With Love

– Got it as a house warming gift from my bro. And what a house warming gift it was! Thanks! I haven’t played it yet, though.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

– Another house warming gift from my bro! Yeah! I haven’t played it yet, though,

Dragonball Z Budokai 3

– Yet another house warming gift from my bro! He’s awesome! I’ve played the first 2 and this one is said to be the best one in ther Budokai series yet.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus

– Bought it off for about 12£ used. I really wanted this one, and it’s great!

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

– Bought it for 10£ brand new from Auchan in Bialystok, Poland. I remember playing SF Alpha 3 and Crash Bandicoot 2 when going trough a clerkship at a grocery store (during the breaks, mind you!). The store owners had a Playstation there for their kids, and I remember them being iffed about us (me and my twin) playing the system too much, ha ha!

Singstar Queen

– Bought for 10 £ brand new from Empik. Queen are awesome, so… yeah! Also I got the microphone kit for 10£, in tip-top shape, at Kvibergs Market in Gothenburg, Sweden. What a globetrotter I am! Anyhow, you don’t even need to sing the words, just voice the tones, and you’ll get an excellent score. Heh!

Singstar ABBA

– Bought for 12£ used from Seriously, that’s the best price I could get back then. Anyhow, ABBA makes great music, and I’m in Sweden, so it was a must-have. Here it’s not sufficient to actually voice the tones, you have to be able to sing well for a great score. I think it’s because ABBA has more complex lyrics or something.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

– Bought for 10£ brand new from Auchan. It’s one of the best fighting games I’ve ever played and is well balanced and pretty to look at.

Kingdom Hearts II

– Bought for 25£ brand new together with the first game from Rusta in Karlstad, Sweden, when they had 50% off just before Christmas time last year. Haven’t managed to play it yet, though.

Kingdom Hearts

– Bought for 25£ brand new together with the second game from Rusta in Karlstad, Sweden, when they had 50% off just before Christmas time last year.

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

– Got it for 10£ brand new from Auchan. It’s one of the best Dragonball Z fighting games that I’ve ever played, and it’s because of the free-roaming fighting style that very well portrays the dynamic fighting of Dragonball Z. A must have for every DBZ fan, though some think it’s too free and prefer the more static, 2D- esque games.

Dragon Quest – The Journey of the Cursed King

– Snagged it for 10£ from Rusta in Karlstad, Sweden. It’s supposed to be a great entry in the series.

James Pond codename: Robocod

– Got it for 4£ from It’s a decent platforming game, nothing amazing really but entertaining at times. My wife used to play this as a kid on their Genesis/Mega Drive II and wanted it for the Playstation 2. We’ve got quite far but never felt compelled to actually finish the game, though my wife had been quite close to do so as a kid.


Pokemon Progress: I Have to Make a Number 2

Contrary to the real Number 2, Black and White 2 aren’t doodooes. They’re actually good in my opinion, and improves on pretty much everything from the previous games. Anyhow, now I’m on my way to next Gym, having flattened Burgh’s Drug Shack completely, and I’ve got myself the following team in the Desert Resort, challenging the tough sandstorms.

499  OINK the Pignite, Lv. 23: Arm Thrust, Flame Charge, Work Up, Odor Sleuth

054  QUACK the Psyduck, Lv. 23: Scratch, Confusion, Disable, Water Pulse

180BAAH the Flaafy, Lv. 23: ThunderShock, Thunder Wave, Strength, Charge

109TOXIC the Koffing, Lv. 24: Poison Gas, Tackle, Venoshock, Selfdestruct

504FAIRU the Patrat, Lv. 10: Cut, Leer, Bite, Bide

As you can see I chose the Fire starter, I’m actually not fond of the Grass type starter in these games, Snivy is alright but the rest are mighty weird. Also I like that you can catch and encounter older Pokémon, though you will encounter not only Woobats in caves, but also Zubats (again) en masse, and not only Patrats galore, but Rattata’s galore too.

Patrat. It’s a way better name than Rattata to describe how pathethic it is. I know, I’m being too mean. But it does sound like “Pathethic Rat”. And that’s why it’s named the romanized form of the Japanese pronouncation of “Fail”, which I reckon should be “Fairu”. And here are the rats of each region (I know, all are not technically rats, but here we go):


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Now Playing: Wario Land II and Pokémon White 2

wario 1

Alright! I finally finished Wario Land II! Look at how magnificent that castle of Wario is! That’s basically the one you get in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, if you’ve stolen enough money that is. The Genie generally works as an instant carpenter, one that you’ll have to pay like any other carpenter, really. A genie that works for money. If I were a Genie, I’d work for money too.

wario 2

And this is how decently I played the game. You can go back and play the game again if you want to. I didn’t, I really didn’t feel like it really. I might go back later on, but I’m more interested in the following game, Pokémon White 2:

bild 1

That’s the saddest Pokémon that I’ve ever seen. Man, Azurill, cheer up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Dude.

Anyhow, I’m really impressed by the game, it’s really entertaining. I guess it’s fun to see what’s new and what has remained the same. Also there’s that certain flavour knowing that this is the last portable Pokémon game that has 2D sprites. I’ll update my team in a new Pokémon Progress post very soon.

bild 2

And this is Burgh’s Pokémon Gym, I don’t remember it being this trippy in the last game. I’m sure Burgh smokes a lot of coccoons to create such an extatic floor in his gym. And listen to the music while you’re there. He has to be a drug addict of sorts, or maybe he drinks too much Moo Moo Absinthe for inspiration.


Freakin’ hippie. Get a haricut and a real job.

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My Gamecube Games


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker – For 25 £ from Mynt & Musik at Stampgatan

Mario Party 5

– Got it for 15 £ from Kapten Krok. It’s a Mario Party game, and it’s good. I’ve had great moments playing this one with family and friends. It’s has just the right pace for everyone to enjoy.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 

-Got it for Christmas one year from my sisters, and I can just say that it’s a great Mario Kart game, actually my favourite in the series (not having played Mario Kart 7).

Cel Damage

– 10 £ from Kapten Krok. A great game, really, kind of Unreal Tournament meeting Carmageddon, with toons going all out to get the most frags to win. It’s a frantic and entertaining game, and I have to unlock more characters and levels for this one.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Lockdown

–  Bought it with my brother, I think for 12 £ used? I really like the feel of this game, it controls well and conveys the feeling of covert missions very well. I usually don’t like shooters, but since this one is tactical and requires a slow pace, I really like it. Also there’s a Co-Op version of each stage that’s unlocked when you’ve beaten the stage, and you can unlock new weapons by collecting credits in hidden places in the game. There’s only one level I haven’t managed to beat, and it’s the Sniper one. I always manage to get the VIP people shot dead.

Fantastic 4

–  For 10 £ used, bought with my brother. It’s a really good Co-Op game that’s severely hurt by a crappy camera. I’d seriously buy a newly released version of it if they fixed that problem. Like when you’re supposed to use Reed to save someone falling from a balcony, and missing to catch the civilian since you CAN’T SEE HIM. Then the game congratulates you by telling you that “You let a civilian die.” or something in those lines. Arseholes.

Super Smash Bros. Meelee

– Bought with the purple system, for 40 £ I think. It’s a Nintendo Classic, and a game every Gamecube owner must own. I really like using Link as a kid and Kirby, they’re my favorites.

Mario Smash Football

From the 50 £ bundle with the Pearl White Gamecube and Geist. An awesome soccer game that reminds me of Fifa Street, which means mean tactics, hard play and no rules. Also every character looks mean, and no one dares to tell Donkey Kong that it’s called Football and not Fistball, presumably since they like to be alive.


– From the 50 £ bundle with the Pearl White Gamecube and Mario Smash Football. You’re a scientist that gets his spirit stripped from his body, and your quest is to retrieve your body together with other spirits by possessing humans, animals and inanimate objects. That’s an awesome concept! Reminds me of Messiah for the PC, only this game is rated M.

Crazy Taxi

– A gift from my friend for me and my bro’s birthday. A great port of the Arcade game. I managed to get “S” rating back when the game came out, now I’m only getting the “C” rating… I’ve got to get my training on and deliver some people, in my Crazy Taxi, to their designated destinations, in a faster and more wicked way.

Gameboy Player Startup Disc

– Came with my Gameboy Player (basically a GBA for the Gamecube), got them as a Christmas gift from my parents. It’s really great to be able to play titles such as the GBA metroid series

Metroid Prime

– Bought for 3,5 £ at Loppis & Kuriosa in Karlstad, Sweden. According to some the only good game in the Prime series. If I like this one I intend to find out how the other ones are.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

– Bought online at Tradera, together with the Freeloader, for 35 £. Started playing this game and it sure is impressive for being a Gamecube game!


– Bought together with Twilight Princess. It enables you to play NTSC or PAL games on your system. So far I only have Twilight Princess to play with it, but who knows which games I’ll buy and play with it?

Mega Man X: Command Mission

– Bought for 2,5 £ at Gengåvan in Karlstad, Sweden. It’s Mega Man, and I’ve heard decent things about this game.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

– Bought for 2,5 £ at Gengåvan. I’ve heard great things about this game and look forward to playing it.

Puyo Pop Fever

– Bought at Mynt & Musik in Stigbergsliden for 4£. A classic and a must have!

Older Gameboy Color and Pokémon Ads

Coolest Color kopiera Pokemon 150 kopiera

I found these in my Club Nintendo magazines and the back of the first printed series of the Pokémon anime (episode 1) which came with one of the issues.

The first image shows “The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Dx”, “Tetris Dx”, “Game & Watch Gallery (3?)” playing in the systems. I remember ogling these when I was a kid, before buying a Shark Blue Gameboy Color of my own (it took Pokémon for me to buy a unit). The bottom left reads:

The Gameboy Color is a mini-sized giant, that can handle graphics as sharp as a knife and 32.000 colors. Life’s more fun in color, right?

The second ad is, as may be evident, an ad for Pokémon Red and Blue. The bottom reads:

There are a total of 150 Pokémon. 139 in each version. To get a hold of all 150 you’ll need a link cable and the two different versions of Pokémon.

It’s interesting how they write “the two different versions of Pokémon”, as Pokémon by then only was one game… before Gold and Silver were announced. Oh, the miiiinds of people paaaaast.

My Nintendo 64 Games

Nintendo 64 2 Nintendo 64

Pokémon Stadium 

I got this for 8 £, from Kapten Krok in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a must have if you’re a Pokémon fan, though a little on the empty side when it comes to new content. And I really recommend to turn off the announcer’s voice as it WILL get on your nerves.

Pokémon Stadium 2 

I got this one, one Transfer Pack and Pokémon Red for 10 £!! That’s a radically gnarly deal, man! I got it during an online auction at Tradera, and I raised my bid in the last minute to snag it.

Pokémon Snap

 5£ from Kapten Krok. One of the most fun games for the N64, but as far as I’ve heard it has recieved a mixed reaction from the Pokémon community. Either you love it or hate it.

Pokémon Puzzle League

German game… Scheiße! 10 £ from Mynt & Musik in Stampgatan. I was really dissappointed when Ash started to shout German, and Proffessor Oak sounded all wrong. I have to get rid of this and buy an English-speaking copy. And here I thought I had made a deal. I was made a fool out of.

Lego Racers

For 5 £ from Kapten Krok. It’s an awesome game where you can make and save your custom ride and driver. It won’t drive any differently, and it’s just an aesthethic aspect of the game, but that feature is pretty much what makes this game stand out from the other Kart clones, and also gives it a special place in the N64 library. In my opinion a game that every N64 gamer should buy.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

For 4,5 £ just before the inflation of N64 game prices, from Kapten Krok. What do I need to say, it’s a great game which I got for a fair price. Too bad that it isn’t the gold-colored cart (that was a homage for the Gold colored carts of the first The Legend of Zelda) but it still contains the same great game.

Nintendo 64 Transfer Pack

 I’ve got 3 of them, got them for 4,5 £ each. Why 3 and not 2? Because I thought I’d lost one and then found it later, after having purchased the 3rd, in a box when moving.

Nintendo 64 Memory Pak

For 2 £ from Mynt £ Musik in Stigbergsliden. Now I’ve got 2 of them (the one that’s not in the pic I got for 8 £).

Mario Kart 64

One of my wife’s games from when she was a kid. Mexico!! (Let’s-a-go!)

Blast Corps

Bought it recently for 2 £, it’s an ex-rental copy! Nostalgia and torrents of fecal matter accumulating inside one’s being when the nuclear head is moving faster than one can demolish buildings with the Blast Corp towards an obstacle leading into doom and destruction… and a Game Over.

Michael Owen’s World League Soccer 2000

One of the games my wife had since she was a kid. I’ve been told neither she nor her brother found it to be any good. even if you’re not a football fan (or soccer to you Americans) you have heard of Ronaldo, Ronaldino (sp?), Beckham, Cantona, Rooney, Zlatan etc. But who the heck is Michael Owen? (Don’t trash me football fans!)

The New Tetris

 10 £, Kapten Krok. I don’t like the soundtrack at all in the game, it’s kind of an Eastern Europe kind of techno feel to it, and after having lived 6 years in Poland I really don’t feel like re-living that aspect of their popular culture when I’d already gotten enough of it after the numerous festive celebrations that our neighbours held.

Beetle Adventure Racing

17£ from TV-Spelskompaniet in Gothenburg. I overpaid for it. Bohoo.

Diddy Kong Racing

 For 10 £, Tradera. I think the most interesting qualities of the game is the ability to hovercraft and flying aeroplanes. I also love the cheat codes, including the one the most popular in the 90’s (also being available in Goldeneye and Turok): the Big Head cheat code. Why don’t they include that cheat code anymore?!

Mickey’s Speedway USA

 7 £, Kapten Krok. A really fun Mario Kart clone that includes the Disney cast. I ususally choose Donald or Goofy, because Donald is awesome and Goofy is… well, goofy. Hyuck!


8 £, from Tradera. I really like its innovative take on the 3D platforming genre, but I have to confess that the controls and the overly abundant moves and tricks that Glover can make are way too stiff and complicated to get a hang of. There’s definately a steeper learning curve than what’s conventional for this kind of game. Just look at Super Mario 64, that was well balanced enought. Speaking of which…

Not in the pictures:

Super Mario 64

One of my wife’s games from when she was a kid and one of the best games on the system.

Mario Kart Mayhem: Diddy’s Challenge


I felt the wind in my fur. The sweat drops were cumulating and falling down my face. I was lucky to have big arches above my eyes which stopped them from drenching them in burning salty excretions. And that wouldn’t be good. I’d fall off the course to certain death. Rainbow Road is a dangerous place to be on.

I could see the shell of the bastard in front of me, the only one between me and my long longed for 1st place in the Star Cup. I just wanted to smack his ass to hell with my green shell. He’s going down, I thought. Lucky for him I could only see the neck hair of the stinking Koopa in the foreground of my vision. I pushed my cart to the extreme and as I accelerated I felt its engine roar as in a protest. We were connected, the cart and I, and it knew as well as I did that the smallest mistake would throw us off the ledge. And that would be a nasty affair.

I had grown tired of 50 cc faster than my father had. Then 100 cc felt a little better, but 150 cc was my game. Anything less and I wouldn’t apply to the race. Racing meant everything to me. For me and my father racing was more like a religion in our book. Well, never the less we still made our prayers to The Lord before going to sleep as no ape, or in my case, no monkey, would like to die doing what they loved.

Yes, my father held first place during two of three laps. No, he never reached the finish line. I had already seen Bowser, notoriously known as King Koopa in the underground criminal districts, blast my father into smithereens with his Blue Winged Shell. As I drove forward I got pieces of his blood drenched fur in my face just as Bowser passed on. He had Mario’s head on the back fender to scare the rest of the competitors. I wasn’t scared. I was looking for vengeance but that opportunity was taken from me by the stinking green-shelled Koopa in front of me when he betrayed his King by killing him with a wicked thunderbolt. I guess someone must’ve been sabotaging with the fairly harmless weapons.

The roads were covered with crimson blood from other slaughtered racers. I guess the weapons weren’t as harmless now as they used to be. If I couldn’t have my revenge on Bowser I guess I just had to murder the Koopa which had stolen that opportunity from me. An eye for an eye, as my father used to say.

The race had escalated from a friendly race into a bloodbath as soon as Birdo had released her first Red Shell and hit Yoshi in the head, smashing it and releasing the reddest blood ever seen on the racing court. Bad move. Waluigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Princess Peach and some other unmentionable Wii -avatar characters lost control over their carts and motorcycles when they slid on the red fluid and flew over the edge. You could still hear their screams during the next lap. During the third and final one they were gone.

The next one to die was Wario which clashed together with Luigi’s lighter cart. Luigi simply abandoned his cart as it started to brittle because of the collision and jumped into the backseat of Wario’s pimped ride. He pulled up a rope and strangled his adversary as he kept his legs on the cart’s steering wheel to keep it on the road. He didn’t need to push the gas pedal; Wario already did it during his struggle which brought the cart into a roaring speed. Just as Luigi saw his own cart vanish over the road and into oblivion he felt how Wario loosened up under his grip. Quickly he pushed him aside emotionlessly and off the edge into the darkness and took control of the car. His smile said it all; he loved his new ride. To celebrate the grand theft auto he used his Green Fire Balls to put the passing Red Koopa on fire. He struggled to put off the fire for a long time before he gave up under the flames. A passing Toad slid on a banana peel, lost control, and rammed into the burning cart and went along with it over the edge.

One by one the participants lashed out with their newly found madness at each other and one by one they all perished but a few; the stinking Green Koopa in front of me, myself, Luigi behind me and behind him an even race between Daisy and Bowser Jr. of which the latter was determined to kill the Green Koopa. Not if I got to him first.

I acquired a Gold Mushroom. Finally! I used it to magically push my cart beyond it limits and past the physical velocity barrier that existed between myself and the leader of the race. Just as I passed the bastard I readied my shell. Slowly I saw him look at me with eyes of confusion as he turned his head to look at what was passing him. His face was sweaty and he has blood running down on the right side of his face. Just as he was to utter a scream of horror I threw the shell which hit him real hard; if it wasn’t for my speed the bloodbath would’ve temporarily made me blind. He still had the surprised look to his face behind all that gooey blood and whatnot as he fell into the dark borders of the course. He never realized what had hit him.

In my rear I caught a glimpse of how Daisy stuffed Bowser Jr.’s mouth with a banana peel suffocating him to death. His cart slowed down and Daisy effortlessly passed him just to set after Luigi. Bowser Jr. abandoned his cart and tried to choke up the banana peel to no avail; moments later he fell down on the road with open frightened eyes. Bowser Jr. was a goner.

Luigi and Daisy struggled to get past each other and then past me, but I knew that wouldn’t happen. I had too much of a lead. Thank you Question Mark Box for giving me the Golden Mushroom. Now I’ll have to honour my father by winning this shit. I stepped on the gas and the cart once again gave its protesting sound but this time it felt as if it protested against me not stepping on it earlier to really ensure the victory.

As I passed the finish line I felt the presence of my father, the notorious Donkey Kong, or as he was called in my neighbourhood, King Kong. He told me that I had brought the most honour into the household with my victory and that I should now try to save him. He was still breathing down there in the bottom of the course as he’d been cushioned by Mario’s decapitated body during the collision with the ground, but he didn’t have much energy left.

Pondering over this I saw Luigi brutally punching the living crap out of Daisy as they passed the finish line with him leading slightly. If they weren’t the only one left you’d easily be able to pass them even with the slowest cart in half the velocity. It looked stupid but finally they crossed the finish line. Daisy rose up with her wasted face and her arms into the air yelling out a cry of victory. She clearly hadn’t been aware of that there only were three left alive on the course. But Luigi The Coward had and that’s why he didn’t hesitate to beat a woman.

As I started to prepare a rescue mission to save whoever had survived, including my father, I saw Lakitu walk out of a cloud. He’d been skipping out from the fun as he saw that things got rough. Angered I took a shell knocked him unconscious. Stealing his cloud I disabled the automatic time-limit to be able to use it indefinitely and descended halfway through the track to bring up Donkey Kong from the rubble in the dark. He’d survive, but not the rest, they were already dead.

Looking at the two survivors I felt the urge to best them permanently.

I challenged them to a Battle Match.

By: The Martian Oddity

Ps. This is another of my old stories, but I never published it in my blog.

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