Now Playing: Wario Land II and Dragon Warrior 1 & 2

Wario Land 2:

I’ve reached the second level of the end stage, the Pirate Castle, and it’s revealed since some time that it’s indeed the female leader of the Pirates of S.S. Teacup that’s plotting to extract revenge on Wario for beating them up, stealing their treasure and stealing their genie (that grants wishes based on the amount of money you’ve got, that greedy s.o.b.).

But I haven’t seen the end of the game yet, there’s still some way to go. In one of the City stages I found an Easter Egg, at the end of the stage, where there are coins and the building reads “Nintendo“.


And I realized you can be Tiny Wario in this game too! Like with all of Wario’s powerups in this game they’re a side effect of the attacks of the small fry enemies, in this case two enemies disguised as a wizard. That’s  a little delicious!

Dragon Warrior 1 & 2:

Not much progress since I can’t find the correct path to the Wind Tower. And the walkthroughs haven’t been of help either as I don’t get to where they’re pointing me. So I’ve been grinding my team and we’re currently at these levels:

Prince Oboe: Lv. 16

Prince John: Lv. 14

Princess Mary: Lv. 9

Seriously, you couldn’t name John and Mary? I’d name them Bone and Duck respectively, or something like that.



You’re supposed to be a kid. I get it, it’s marketed towards kids. But I don’t think the Prince in the background would’ve been called “John”, but I could buy the Princess being called “Mary”. But “John”? Seriously?

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2 thoughts on “Now Playing: Wario Land II and Dragon Warrior 1 & 2

  1. Yeah, I get it with those names.
    I guess they chose them because of that they sounded neutral, but they could just as well have named the, Robert and Julie, it’s still as dull! 😛

    And yeah, the Wario bit; that’s by huge amounts a little delicious.


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