Game Hunting: Bazinga!

bild 3 (7)

Once again I went to Mynt & Musik close to Stigbergstorget in Gothenburg, Sweden, and looked through what they had to offer. The man that owns the store always treats his customers with kindness.
I found this Pikachu Gameboy Color sitting there, usually they go for about 30-50 £ on Ebay excluding shipping, but I managed to get this unit, in tip-top shape, for 12 £ only!

bild 4 (5)

And it even has the original battery cover left!
Alright, I’ll admit it… everything here was my brother’s treat. Since I’d bought him a few things over the past months he wanted to give something back. Thanks a bunch bro!

bild 1 (8)

And here’s an Original Nintendo 64 Memory Pak that we got for 2 £, and they sell for roughly 10£ on Ebay.

bild 2 (8)

Puyo Pop Fever! For the Gamecube! For 4 £ only! Complete with the manual, a case in tip-tip shape and a disc with no scratches! Usually they go for 15-20 £ on Ebay.

bild 3 (8)

This one was kind of roughed up externally, and didn’t have the manual, but the disc was in great shape and I really wanted this game. And for 4£ I really had to snag it!
I really look forward to playing this game, since I already know that the 3rd game, which I own, is a great fighting game with a lot of innovative features.

bild 1 (7)

This dirty case came with the Pikachu Gameboy Color. I only kept it to safekeep the unit until I got back home. Then I rubbed the hell out of it with soap and rinsed it with hot water. At least now I know that it’s water-proof, no water managed to leak into the inside of the case.
Because of that I decided to keep it.
It looks as if some kid has barfed over the case, really.

bild 2 (7)

That’s evidenced by the back of the case not being nearly as stained as the front.
Heh, Gamester. As in Gamester81.

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