My NES Collection

NES games

Behold, my NES game collection!

In falling order:

1. NES Advantage manual

I got this with my NES Advantage, which I showcased to y’all in this post. It’s in great shape and has hardly been used.

2. Mario Bros.

I bought this in Kvibergs Marknad in Gothenburg, Sweden. Well, I got the re-print already in the NES Classics Series, but my brother saw this one and was about to get Ikari Warriors with it for free, which I accidentally blocked him from getting. Anyhow, he got this original version and without much thought decided to change this one with my NES Classic, and I’m really grateful that he’s such a kind soul. Bought for 17 £.

3. Golf

I bought this game for 2 £ and you can read about it in this post.

4. Wrecking Crew

This one I found for 13 £ in Mynt & Musik at Stampgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden (not the one with the kind man, that one is at Stigbergsliden). Great deal considering its semi-rarity and how fun it’s to play. Also the game contains a ton of challenging action-puzzles for you to solve.

5. Rad Racer

I got this for… 7 £ I think. I bought it from the seller Game World at Tradera, the Swedish equivalent of Ebay (actually it’s owned and run by people from Ebay). An alright racing game, and as with many of my purchases I bought it since we rented it once, and my only memory is a short gameplay of it when I was a wee tyke many, many years ago (about 79 years ago).

6. Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

I got this for 17£ in the same Mynt & Musik where I got Wrecking Crew. A really fun Co-Op game!

7. Blue Shadow

I bought this from a site called Bokbörsen (it’s a site where you can buy used books primarily, but also movies and GAMES). 8£. Here’s the post. It’s better than Ninja Gaiden by far!

8. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

I got this nostalgic piece of ROM for 12 £ and you can read about it here.

9. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

I bought this game for 5 £, incl. shipping, from Tradera.

10.  Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!

This classic was purchased from Tradera for 17£. Not bad of a deal considering it’s the Mike Tyson version of the game (the one I used to play all the time).

11. Robocop

A pretty fun game featuring the badass Robocop, I bought it for 7 £. Read about it here.

12. Batman

One of the few movie licensed games that don’t suck balls, I got it for 8 £. Read about it here.

13. Super Mario Bros 3

I don’t need to tell you stuff about this well known and awesome game. It’s my wife’s copy.

3 thoughts on “My NES Collection

  1. That’s a solid collection with pretty much the games you need.
    I too have Super Mario Bros 3 (thanks!), Mario Bros. and Punch Out (thanks!). All those necessary for a good NES library.


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