Pixel to Voxel

It’s amazing what people can do these days. Just check these out, pixel to voxels transformations.

Definition of Voxel from Wikipedia.com:

voxel (volumetric pixel or Volumetric Picture Element) is a volume element, representing a value on a regular grid inthree dimensional space. This is analogous to a pixel, which represents 2D image data in a bitmap (which is sometimes referred to as a pixmap).

These are made by cezkid from Deviantart.com.





Isn’t that dope? I’m glad that in this day and age there still are things that amaze me to no end. That’s impressive, really.


2 thoughts on “Pixel to Voxel

  1. Huuuuuh, Sonic’s legs look so thin and spider-like in the Voxel!
    Nevertheless, I find voxels giving the 8-bit sprites much more life!
    Maybe they could remake classic 8-bit games in 3D with voxels. 🙂


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