My Gameboy Advance Games and Gameboy Manuals


Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey and Minnie

– Bought for 4 £ somewhere in Los Angeles. It’s an interesting game, it’s pretty good.

Disney’s Magical Quest 2: Starring Mickey and Minnie

– Bought for 5 £ from It’s basically the same as the first one, bar new powerups.

Disney’s Magical Quest 3: Starring Mickey and Donald

– Bought for 8 £ from Good price considering a) it’s not that common and b) it wasn’t released for the SNES, in contrast to  the other two. And it’s the best of the three!

The Legend Of Zelda: NES Classics

–  Bought for 20£ by my brother brand new and boxed, and I bought Super Mario Bros., and later we traded them! It’s The Legend of Zelda, the game that started it all. What can I say other than that the fact that it was made portable was a wise decision!

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past/ Four Swords

– One of the best Legend Of Zelda games, and I love their decision to make it portable! Bought for 6£ from, a Honk Kong seller (which means the game most probably is pirated but it still plays well and looks incredibly authentic so I don’t really care). A truly great game, and Four Swords, although I have no one to play it with, is an interesting game.

The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap

– Bought for 10£ from I know you’ll hate me for it, but… this is my favorite The Legend Of Zelda game. As soon as I’d beaten it I restarted the save file just to beat it again.

Metroid Zero Mission

– Bought for 10£ from A really enjoyable game, even though it’s immensely stressful at times. I can’t compare it to Super Metroid, the Golden Child of the series, since I never played it, but I can say that it’s a helluva great game.

Metroid Fusion

– Bought for 10£ from This game has an even more creepy atmosphere than Metroid Zero Mission, and is a very solid game. Truly a great game.

Wario Land 4

– Bought for 12 £ from Mynt & Musik at Stigbergsliden in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’ve heard good stuff about this game, but I haven’t had the pleasure to play it yet.

Advance Wars

– Bought for 8£ complete with box from A really fun but challenging turn-based game which I aaaalmooost have managed to beat.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

– And since I haven’t beat Sturm in the first one I haven’t started playing this one, but it’s supposed to be good too. Bought for 10£ complete in a battered box from (kind of a Swedish Craigslist).

Final Fight One

– A GBA port of the same game for the SNES, only you can now choose to play as Cody and Haggar too. I prefer Haggar though. Got it new for from my brother for a Christmas. It’s a pretty good beat-em-up.

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

– Bought for 5£ in Toys N’ Joys in Honolulu, Hawaii, and a good at that. The style is unique and the gameplay solid, a truly addicting game. The only con is the crying baby Mario!

Sonic Advance 2

– This is a game I got in a bundle with a Black Gameboy Advance and Shrek Swamp Kart Racing for 28£ through It plays very much like the original Sonic games, but much faster.

Shrek Swamp Kart Racing

– This is a game I got in a bundle with a Black Gameboy Advance and Sonic Advance 2 for 28£. This game sucks testicles.

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure

– One of the best beat-em-ups there is. Bought for 10£ from, it’s not a too common game to find. Review.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

– I got this game from my sisters from when they were abroad. A decent game, playing as the Terminator is always a cool thing.

Nintendo DS Rumble Pack

– Got it with… a certain cart… a lot of years ago. I havent’ got it to work.

And here are my loose manuals

Manuals 1 Manuals 2 Manuals 3

4 thoughts on “My Gameboy Advance Games and Gameboy Manuals

  1. That’s a damn solid collection of games! Is Final Fight One a special port from the SNES? I think I’ve only played the arcade port on XBLA/PSN.

    And I’ve always heard good things about the Mickey’s Magical Quest games. Glad to see you have them and enjoyed them.


    • Thanks! 😀
      Yeah, Final Fight One is a port of the Snes version. It’s just as good plus it has a fre new neat features. The only downside is that you seldom will find someone to play it with co-op.

      The Magical Quest games are magical. 😛


  2. Everytime I visit home I remember myself to bring my GBA SP with me along with the games, but I always forget. 😦

    You have some solid games there!
    One of the games I have is Spiderman for the GBA. It is an alright beat them up, but there is a level where you have to both fight enemies, and also watch out for trains that come randomly. It’s really stressing.

    Among all your games, Shrek Racing has to be the diamond in the rough.


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