My Nintendo 64 Games

Nintendo 64 2 Nintendo 64

Pokémon Stadium 

I got this for 8 £, from Kapten Krok in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a must have if you’re a Pokémon fan, though a little on the empty side when it comes to new content. And I really recommend to turn off the announcer’s voice as it WILL get on your nerves.

Pokémon Stadium 2 

I got this one, one Transfer Pack and Pokémon Red for 10 £!! That’s a radically gnarly deal, man! I got it during an online auction at Tradera, and I raised my bid in the last minute to snag it.

Pokémon Snap

 5£ from Kapten Krok. One of the most fun games for the N64, but as far as I’ve heard it has recieved a mixed reaction from the Pokémon community. Either you love it or hate it.

Pokémon Puzzle League

German game… Scheiße! 10 £ from Mynt & Musik in Stampgatan. I was really dissappointed when Ash started to shout German, and Proffessor Oak sounded all wrong. I have to get rid of this and buy an English-speaking copy. And here I thought I had made a deal. I was made a fool out of.

Lego Racers

For 5 £ from Kapten Krok. It’s an awesome game where you can make and save your custom ride and driver. It won’t drive any differently, and it’s just an aesthethic aspect of the game, but that feature is pretty much what makes this game stand out from the other Kart clones, and also gives it a special place in the N64 library. In my opinion a game that every N64 gamer should buy.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

For 4,5 £ just before the inflation of N64 game prices, from Kapten Krok. What do I need to say, it’s a great game which I got for a fair price. Too bad that it isn’t the gold-colored cart (that was a homage for the Gold colored carts of the first The Legend of Zelda) but it still contains the same great game.

Nintendo 64 Transfer Pack

 I’ve got 3 of them, got them for 4,5 £ each. Why 3 and not 2? Because I thought I’d lost one and then found it later, after having purchased the 3rd, in a box when moving.

Nintendo 64 Memory Pak

For 2 £ from Mynt £ Musik in Stigbergsliden. Now I’ve got 2 of them (the one that’s not in the pic I got for 8 £).

Mario Kart 64

One of my wife’s games from when she was a kid. Mexico!! (Let’s-a-go!)

Blast Corps

Bought it recently for 2 £, it’s an ex-rental copy! Nostalgia and torrents of fecal matter accumulating inside one’s being when the nuclear head is moving faster than one can demolish buildings with the Blast Corp towards an obstacle leading into doom and destruction… and a Game Over.

Michael Owen’s World League Soccer 2000

One of the games my wife had since she was a kid. I’ve been told neither she nor her brother found it to be any good. even if you’re not a football fan (or soccer to you Americans) you have heard of Ronaldo, Ronaldino (sp?), Beckham, Cantona, Rooney, Zlatan etc. But who the heck is Michael Owen? (Don’t trash me football fans!)

The New Tetris

 10 £, Kapten Krok. I don’t like the soundtrack at all in the game, it’s kind of an Eastern Europe kind of techno feel to it, and after having lived 6 years in Poland I really don’t feel like re-living that aspect of their popular culture when I’d already gotten enough of it after the numerous festive celebrations that our neighbours held.

Beetle Adventure Racing

17£ from TV-Spelskompaniet in Gothenburg. I overpaid for it. Bohoo.

Diddy Kong Racing

 For 10 £, Tradera. I think the most interesting qualities of the game is the ability to hovercraft and flying aeroplanes. I also love the cheat codes, including the one the most popular in the 90’s (also being available in Goldeneye and Turok): the Big Head cheat code. Why don’t they include that cheat code anymore?!

Mickey’s Speedway USA

 7 £, Kapten Krok. A really fun Mario Kart clone that includes the Disney cast. I ususally choose Donald or Goofy, because Donald is awesome and Goofy is… well, goofy. Hyuck!


8 £, from Tradera. I really like its innovative take on the 3D platforming genre, but I have to confess that the controls and the overly abundant moves and tricks that Glover can make are way too stiff and complicated to get a hang of. There’s definately a steeper learning curve than what’s conventional for this kind of game. Just look at Super Mario 64, that was well balanced enought. Speaking of which…

Not in the pictures:

Super Mario 64

One of my wife’s games from when she was a kid and one of the best games on the system.


4 thoughts on “My Nintendo 64 Games

  1. Blast Corps is indeed an inducer of violent and uncontrollable bowel movements, I remember hardly being able to play it due to the stress.

    The ones with the best memories would be Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart 64, since one usually battled and raced against friends.
    I remember the planes being a pain in the ass to control, though. 😛

    I remember playing Glover in a store, and also later a demo on the PC, but I never got the grip on the controls.

    And I agree, the announcer on Pokémon stadium is annoying. You should be able to attack him with your Pokémon!


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