Older Gameboy Color and Pokémon Ads

Coolest Color kopiera Pokemon 150 kopiera

I found these in my Club Nintendo magazines and the back of the first printed series of the Pokémon anime (episode 1) which came with one of the issues.

The first image shows “The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Dx”, “Tetris Dx”, “Game & Watch Gallery (3?)” playing in the systems. I remember ogling these when I was a kid, before buying a Shark Blue Gameboy Color of my own (it took Pokémon for me to buy a unit). The bottom left reads:

The Gameboy Color is a mini-sized giant, that can handle graphics as sharp as a knife and 32.000 colors. Life’s more fun in color, right?

The second ad is, as may be evident, an ad for Pokémon Red and Blue. The bottom reads:

There are a total of 150 Pokémon. 139 in each version. To get a hold of all 150 you’ll need a link cable and the two different versions of Pokémon.

It’s interesting how they write “the two different versions of Pokémon”, as Pokémon by then only was one game… before Gold and Silver were announced. Oh, the miiiinds of people paaaaast.

2 thoughts on “Older Gameboy Color and Pokémon Ads

  1. I remember ogling those ads forever until I bought the game!
    I have never liked and I have never been as excited as with Pokémon.
    Buying the game was the best video game memory I have had, and it is very replayable!
    Just link your good Pokémon to a friend’s cartridge, and start over. 🙂
    I remember another article, a two page one, about Pokémon, describing what it was and such.
    I remember a screenshot showing Squirtle using bubble against a Pidgey.


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